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Information – You’re the ExpertPlease record your presentation on Tegrity. Upload the powerpoint to the DropBox as well. As you are discussing a particular topic, and there’s likely to be useful research and data related to that topic, please have at least 3 sources. One must be from apeer-reviewed journal, the others can be respected books, news articles (respected! i.e. a major publication), or trade publications (i.e. Sports Business Journal or NIRSA). It should be between 12-15 minutes. Please keep to that time limit! The additional details:Option #1 – You will pick a certain part of a facility to become an expert in. The list of things to become an expert in are endless. Here are just a few: Field/Arena Lighting, Artificial Turf, Natural Grass Systems, Scoreboards/Videoboards, Flooring, Weight Equipment, Bleacher systems, waterproofing systems, Volleyball net systems, Basketball Goals, Sound Systems, Coaches Video Systems, Roofing, Seating, Track surfaces, Laundry Equipment, etc. If your topicis basketball flooring for example, tell us some history about the floors, what companies make floors, what are the different types of floors, what special features do they have, how easy are they to maintain, what are the cost to install, how long do they last, what are examples in use today.Options #2 – You present on any other aspect of facilities. You could do a presentation on the seating trends of stadiums, stadium financing, stadium evolution, design aspects of specific facilities, evolution of domed stadiums, etc. Think about what it is you are interested in related tosport management, if you’re interested in sales, perhaps a presentation on luxury boxes would bea good topic. If you’re interested in coaching, a presentation on practice surfaces in your chosen sportRubric:60 points Content – covered the topic as fully as possible in the time allowed, the information is correct, the presentation information flows from one slide to the next (i.e. logical order).20 points Usage of Sources – Have at least 3 rigorous sources, one peer-reviewed source.20 points Presentation Style – Correct timing, you sound prepared, not too much text (Copy & Paste phrases or sentences is plagiarism without quotations), good use of visuals, etc.Total: 100 Points

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You’re the Expert Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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