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HW#9: Choose a theme, write up an analysis, read up on a Medium

Part A: Theme and Visual Analysis
Find an artist that you like using one of the resources that I have linked. Art 21 Would be a good choice for starting out.
Write a visual analysis of one of their works entirely in your own words, at least 150 words.
Then list three themes (the color blue, nautical scenes, police brutality, big charcoal drawings, contemporary photographs by women thick oil paintings, self-portraits, family dinners, human-machine hybrids, etc.)  that this work could connect into.

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Write up an Art Analysis Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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Next week we will be workshopping one anothers’ writeups in class.

See links to artworks at the bottom of this assignment.

PART B: Curating on a Theme (short answers)

Watch one or more of these short videos by Artists Curating from the Guggenheim’s Collection

Carrie Mae Weems on the Guggenheim Collection

Paul Chan on the Guggenheim Collection

Richard Prince on the Guggenheim Collection

Julie Mehretu on the Guggenheim Collection

1.After hearing about another curator’s process, what theme do you think you’d like to focus on for your final project? Did you get any ideas from the artist’s curators on how you might find other works to fit into your chosen theme?

Part C: Read up on another Medium (Short Answer)
Read the Artforms chapter on a medium that we haven’t covered up to this point (Moving Image, Printmaking, Drawing) .

Describe in your own words what you think the central problems and challenges of this medium are. What makes a successful artwork in this medium?


Where to find the works for your show?

A PBS series on contemporary artists. Episodes are curated thematically, and artists spend alot of time explaining the process and intentions behinds their works. This is a great resource for your final.
One of your works for your final can come from Art21.
They even have themed playlists:

Galleries and Museums

NYC Galleries (Chelsea, LES, ETC.)

New York

Socrates Sculpture Park
Queens Museum’s project (artists asked to respond to COVID) :

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