Why do you want to be an US army officer? Assignment | Custom Essay Help

I really need help writing a impressive and strong essay about my life They are looking for things like service, leadership, and selfless clear service. Please Use examples of you doing those things like

I want to lead others. I want to improve soldiers lives. I want to be able to bring guidance to junior soldiers because when I was intern at Walt Disney World and I had a supervisor that helped me to Make people feel valued and understand the big picture and I want to be that kind of influence on others while serving my country.
My story is Iā€™m 30 yrs full time working professional, wife, mother, and recent BS graduate. I work at Att business for 6 years as a 1st Net specialist where my job is to support the 1st responders in crisis. I volunteer weekly with the Crisis Text line where I handle suicidal teens and veteran to help them see the value of their life which resolve in saving there life. I have experience in day to day management from a after school program, sales, D escalating crisis situations and more. Since I was in JROTC in high school, I always stuck out as a leader in every path of life whether it was the drill team, track team, the science club, or my jobs. JROTC gave me my 1st leadership experience And motivated to be apart of the military. After high school I was encouraged to go to college. after all the detours in my life I know that everything happens for a reason. I am a intelligent work who is ready for her chance to be apart of something bigger then me. I will bring to the table my leadership skills, respect, professionalism, resilience, self-discipline, honesty, morale boaster mindset to complete each mission. I have strived overcome impossible obstacles to get where I am today. Today, I am a life experienced leader that is focus on joining the mission ahead to help guide individuals to better themselves daily.

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Why do you want to be an US army officer? Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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