When you hear the term, “survey,” what images come to mind?

Survey Data Collection Methods

When you hear the term, “survey,” what images come to mind?

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When you hear the term, “survey,” what images come to mind?
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Surveys often reach populations in the form of paper documents, such as questionnaires or opinion cards. One of the newest administration methods involves the collection of information through web-based surveys. The method by which data are collected influences their overall quality and completeness. For example, people may be more willing to answer a question about their income on an anonymous, mailed questionnaire than if they were asked the same question in person by a researcher.

For this Discussion, consider the impact of the method of data collection on response quality. Review the articles in the Learning Resources that look at data collection methods involving surveys. Choose two of the methods to discuss.

Post an analysis of the strengths and limitations of collecting survey data by the two methods you chose. Discuss the potential impact of the two methods of data collection on the reliability and validity of the data. Finally, state your informed opinion of the role of web-based surveys in epidemiological research. Justify your opinion with support from the Learning Resources.


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