What remedies would be available in this case?

LawQuestion #1: Brenda is a purchasing agent for Commodities Exchange Corporation (Commodities). On Monday, Dennis, a Commodities corporate officer, gave Brenda written authority to buy for the firm as many computers and peripheral devices as necessary. The next day, Dennis called Brenda and told her to buy only fifty note-book computers and nothing else. On Thursday, Brenda showed the written authorization that she received from Dennis to E-Products, Inc. (E-Products), and entered into a contract with E-Products to buy seventy note-book computers and a selection of printers, scanners, and extra storage media for Commodities. E-Products shipped the order to Commodities as required by its contract with Brenda. Is Commodities liable to E-Products under this contract? Why or why not? Is Brenda personally liable? Why or why not? What remedies would be available in this case? How should this matter have been handled? Discuss your answer in detail.

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What remedies would be available in this case?
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