What kind of relationship does Croesus have with the Greek world?

1. What narrative and conceptual role does Croesus play in Herodotus’ story of the expansion of the Persian empire?

– What kind of relationship does Croesus have with the Greek world?

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What kind of relationship does Croesus have with the Greek world?
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– How does Croesus relate to Solon?

– How is Croesus portrayed as conceptually Greek and how is he shown to be a non-Greek?


Essay Guidance/Rubric

  1. The longer essays in this course replace the three in person exams which would normally be offered. Take these essays seriously and treat them as midterms and finals. In some ways, this is an easier format as these essays are open note and can be written with all of the resources provided in the class. They are weighted (see syllabus) and increase over time (15%, 25%, 35%), so that you have the opportunity to improve your writing over the course.
  2. Submit your essays on time. Communicate with me, your TA (if you need an extension.
  3. Essays should be submitted in the Essay module, under the relevant tab, as a word doc using the template I have provided. If you do not submit using the template you will not get full credit. Use the template.
  4. Essays are subject to plagiarism review via TurnItIn. You will not see the report after submission, since I do not want to give students needless anxiety about plagiarism when the software is flagging your use of a quotations etc. I will follow up with individuals with reports when a real case of plagiarism has been flagged and bring those cases to Professor McGlew’s attention.
  5. Your TA is grading your papers. Follow the guidelines below to do well. If you feel like your essay was graded unfairly, you must take it up with me first via email (). I may allow for revisions at my own discretion. If after discussing, you feel still that your essay was graded unfairly, you should then contact Professor McGlew. Our policy is that if you seek Professor McGlew’sevaluation, it will only HELP your grade. We are not punitive. So, if you think your B- paper deserved an A- and Professor McGlew thinks you actually wrote a C paper, it will stay a B-. Your grade will either stay the same or improve.
  6. Per the syllabus: Essay 1 (3 full pages double spaced/750 words); Essay 2 (3 full pages double spaced/750 words); Essay 3 (4 full pages double spaced/1000 words). Feel free to write more, but we are looking for quality not quantity. Please do not exceed 5 pages (I will be reading 100+ essays).
  7. Answer the prompt. I will provide 3 or 4 prompts for each essay. Pick one you are most interested in and respond to it. Talk about the prompts with your friends and peers, outline your argument before writing, reach out to your TA if you want to discuss in some capacity before submitting your final draft (but do not come to office hours looking for me to lay out the answers, come with some ideas, passages, and preparation).
  8. Use evidence from the texts we are reading. Do not say “Achilles is an angry guy.” Say, “Achilles’ rage is a theme in the epic (Iliad 1.1).” Show your work. Show you have engaged with the text. The ideal essay will have an introduction, responding to the prompt and picking a side, then a series of paragraphs that go review case studies (3-5) from the text, which prove the point being argued; ideally each paragraph is tied back to the introductory argument. Close reading of a few passages is encouraged. Evaluating the opposing argument is encouraged (e.g. “X passage would indicate that my argument is not wholly correct, but when seen in Y light, it further proves my thesis). End with a brief conclusion.
  9. Citation is required (see the template for formatting). Cite primary texts we are reading, cite the additional optional literature which you find relevant; cite the power points and lectures; cite (and use) the New Pauly for background information, historical ideas, etc.
  10. See the example I have provided and use the template; if you have any additional questions contact your TA (who is grading all of these).

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