What is Shakespeare saying in Sonnet?

Do you think that Akala made a valid point in his comparison of Hip Hop and Shakespeare? Why or why not?

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What is Shakespeare saying in Sonnet?
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  1. What is Shakespeare saying in Sonnet 18? Explain his comparison of a summer’s day to the object of the poem.
  2. Where does Shakespeare use anaphora in Sonnet 18?
  3. Explain what the speaker is comparing his stage of life to in Sonnet 73. How do you know?
  4. Identity the rhyme scheme in Sonnet 73.
  5. In the couplet of Sonnet 73, he makes a strong claim. What is it?
  6. In Sonnet 116, what is “the star to every wand’ring bark”?
  7. Where is there slant rhyme is Sonnet 116?

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