What is anatomy and physiology?

Introduction and Chemistry


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What is anatomy and physiology?
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  • What is anatomy and physiology?
  • What does the “Principle of complementarity” mean?
  • List the necessary life functions.
  • Explain the concept of homeostasis. Give an example of homeostasis in the body in addition to the one listed in the lecture slides.
  • Compare the negative feedback mechanism to the positive feedback mechanism.
  • Why are there so many anatomical terms?
  • How many body cavities are there? List them.
  • Contrast the term “mass” and “weight.”
  • What is an atom and describe its structure.
  • How are the terms “molecule” and “compound” similar? How are they differ?
  • What is energy? What types of energy are there?
  • Why is water an essential substance for life on earth?
  • If you have a solution with a pH of 3 and another solution with a pH of 9, what is the magnitude of the difference in acidity?
  • Define what organic compounds are and list them.
  • Why are enzymes important?

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