What does it mean for your communication?

Go to a public place where people interact (Starbucks, McDonalds, Target). Observe people's nonverbal communication patterns for one hour. What do you see? What are they using? How are they using it to communicate? Take notes to record how people are communicating messages through their nonverbals.

Then write a summary that discusses what you saw (two pages). Refer back to theories of communication that we covered in the book. Then in additional two pages, discuss the bigger picture of this: What does it mean about communication? Why is it important to communication? What does it mean for your communication? What are things you should take away from this?

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What does it mean for your communication?
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You must cite the book at least four times throughout this assignment, and include page numbers where you got the information. This assignment should be a minimum of four full pages of writing. (Double space, one inch margins, 12 pt Times new roman font.)

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