What do you think would be the best method to use?

As a health education specialist with the Delaware County Health Department, Matt has been asked by a local religious leader to give a presentation on HIV/AIDS to the ecumenical youth group (ninth to twelfth graders) of the community. The request has taken Matt by surprise because for the past couple of years he has attempted to make similar presentations in the local schools but has been turned away because the superintendent said “the community was too conservative for such matters.” Knowing that at least some of the people in the community think HIV/AIDS is too controversial to talk about, but also knowing the information is important for youth to have, Matt wants to make sure he prepares and delivers a program that is well received. This is finally the chance he has been waiting for to make his entry into the youth population of thecommunity. Matt has decided to create a presentation on HIV/AIDS that incorporates information on both risk factors and the chain of infection. To make sure that his presentation is on target he has asked several other employees of the health department to sit down with him and brainstorm some ideas for his presentation. He begins his session with his colleagues by asking them all to write down information they think he should include in his presentation. Assume that you are one of these other employees of the health department in this meeting. What would you include on your list for Matt? What would you advise Matt not to include? Why? He then asks his colleagues for ideas on how to present the information (e.g., lecture, video, role playing). What do you think would be the best method to use? Why did you select this method? How long do you think Matt’s presentation should be? Why?

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What do you think would be the best method to use?
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