What do you think should be her punishment?

Answer questions below

You have been working as a school-based OT for about 3 years now. You have a large caseload and have to travel to at least 2 different schools every day. You hardly have time to get your paperwork done, not to mention a hard enough time trying to see all of the kids and stay in compliance with the frequency and duration listed on their IEP’s. You are out to lunch with a fellow OT on the weekend, and you are talking with her about how frustrated you are with your situation. She suggests “lightening your load” by documenting you saw some of the children, even if you haven’t. She says that every OT does it, so it’s not a big deal.

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What do you think should be her punishment?
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Address the following questions in your response:

What would you do?

Is she in violation of which ethical principle(s) according to the AOTA Code of Ethics?

If the OT above is found guilty of falsification of documentation, what are the potential consequences at the state level? At the national level? What do you think should be her punishment?

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