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I need a simple Persuasive Speech Assignment ,English is my second language words must to be a simple , i will post 1 assignment structure and second assignment that will be an example and my assignment must look like


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We need more bike lanes in NYC Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Sample Persuasive Speech Outline
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that we need to recycle trash
Central Idea: It is our responsibility to recycle trash in order to protect our environment.
Attention Material – Did you take out the trash? How many times have our parents asked us that question? Probably more than most of us care to remember. Today, instead of asking if your kids took out the trash, you will probably be asking if he or she sorted the trash.
Position Statement –I want to convince you that unless we start recycling today our world will not be worth living in tomorrow.
Establish Credibility – Based on my research, the US produces 160 million tons of garbage a year. For instance, this garbage contains enough metal to build 2 million automobiles (Corson, 2006).
Motivation – Recycling is important to you because if your environment suffers then you suffer.
Preview of Main Body Points–I will first tell you why recycling is so necessary, second how we can recycle common materials, and finally how recycling can address our current environmental troubles.
Transition – First let me tell you why recycling is so important.
I. People do not recycle because they feel it is time consuming but it is easy and necessary.
A. Recycling is necessary because landfills are closing and are causing increasingly more damage to the environment according to Corson (2006).
1. Corson (2006) argues that landfills decreased in number from 20,000 in 1978 to 3,000 in 1990 because they cause air and water pollution.
2. Decomposition of waste in landfills releases methane that can kill vegetation as well as increase the spread of diseases such as hepatitis.
B. To manage the growing volume of solid waste it is necessary to turn to recycling.
1. The US recycles only about 11% of its waste while Japan recycles nearly 50% (Lundquist, 2003).
2. Recycling is in only 15% of US communities showing that waste disposal is still not a major national concern (Lundquist, 2003).
C. Americans have the NIMBY (not in my back yard) philosophy.
1. Many people when I asked said that they thought recycling was a good idea but did not recycle.
2. If we do not recycle, the trash problem will be as close as the backyards that we are trying to protect.
Transition- Next I will tell you just how effective recycling is.
II. Most everything in a trash bag is recyclable.
A. Newspapers make up approximately 10% of solid waste making paper the most widely recycled material (Skor, 2000).
1. USA Today prints on 100 % virgin material due to color printing needs.
2. Because so much virgin material is used, it is important to reuse this paper.
B. Plastic recycling is a relatively new idea that has not yet been perfected (Skor, 2000).
1. Approximately 20 % of plastic is recycled usually the type used for narrow neck bottles that we use for soda and milk.
2. We must work to improve plastic recycling because Skor (2000) argues that plastic takes thousands of years to degrade – if it biodegrades then.
C. Aluminum recycling is the most successful according to Lundquist (2003).
1. Over 50% of aluminum was recycled in 1984 and environmental awareness has helped to increase that number since then.
2. If a magnet will not stick to the metal, most likely it can be recycled.
Transition- Finally, it is up to us to act to address our problems.
III. Recycling can be an aid to the world’s mountains of trash if we act on this knowledge.
A. If we send less trash to the landfill, the closing of a landfill will not be a crisis.
1. J. Winston Porter, former administrator for the EPA says, “It is in recycling that I see the earliest promise for improved solid waste management” (Corson, 2006).
2. There will always be another landfill cannot be the words we live by.
B. Be a wise consumer and determine what products help the environment.
1. Precycle when you shop because it is important to purchase recycled goods.
2. Manufacturers like Patagonia use recycled soda bottles for making fleece.
3. Recycled goods are usually not any more expensive than non-recycled goods.
C. But the key is with you the individual to learn what is recyclable and what is not.
Transition- So now we know what is at stake it is time to recap.
Signal: In summary –
Summarize Key Ideas –I have shown you that recycling is so necessary, how we can recycle common materials, and how recycling can address our current environmental troubles.
Clincher –Recycling is not just for environmentalists it is for everyone who is interested in living in a clean environment. Make it a habit for yourself and for your family.
Works Cited (fictionalized sources)
Corson, W.H. (2006). The global ecology handbook: What you can do about the
environmental crisis. New Faux City, IL: Pseudo Publishing.
Lundquist, S.T. (2003). The beginners guide to recycling. Makanda, MO: Davis Inc.
Skor, J.P. (2000). Renewable resources: A blueprint for the future. Nature, 33, 11-16.


SPE 21: Persuasive Speech Assignment

Speech due: Wednesday, June 3
Length: 5 – 6 minutes
Value: 10 points for speech and 5 points for your outline
Purpose: To influence how your audience thinks, acts, or chooses on a topic that you
will speak about. You are required to take a position on an issue and persuade your audience
to join you in that position.
Requirements: On due date you must submit a typed outline of your speech and a clear picture
of your note cards. The outline should be two pages in length, 12-point font, single-spaced with a
two spaces skipped between sections of the speech. Follow the sample outline on Blackboard as
a guide.
 You must state orally a minimum of three sources during your speech. All sources
must appear in a works cited list at the end of your outline in APA format.
 You must have three main points – no more, no less.
 You must present your speech extemporaneously with note cards. Maximum # of cards
allowed is five. Reading your speech from an outline, sheet of paper, extended note
cards or PowerPoint slides will result in failing the speech.
 Topics must be e-mailed to me by May 24. No topic = no speech & a grade of ‘F’.
Sample Topics: Choose one or propose one from off the list & clear it with me.
Don’t eat while watching TV Eat more/less “______”
We need more bike lanes in NYC High fructose corn syrup is a killer
Join the sustainable seafood movement Facebook should be broken up
End the Electoral College “_______” should be our next President
Everyone should visit “_______” Stop corn subsidies in the US
Ban genetically modified food (GMOs) Smoothies are not good/not good for you
We need “net neutrality” MTA fares are too high
Brooklyn needs “_______” Walmart is good/bad for America
We need a female president now Stop using plastics
Community College should be free Boycott sweatshop products
School lunches are unhealthy Healthy food is not affordable enough
We should eat insects Limit your use of technology
Kingsborough CC needs “________” Start doing Yoga
Mentor a child in need Stop eating meat
Flavored vaping should be banned A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away
**Please make sure that you give credit for ideas and facts that are not your own**
**Plagiarizing any part of your speech will result in failure of the course**
SPE 21: Persuasive Speech Grading Criteria
Dr. Carlos de Cuba
Name: ________________________ Topic: ___________________________________
Rating Scale:
1 (missing) 2 – 5 (fail) 6 (poor) 7 (average) 8 (good) 9 (very good) 10 (excellent)
Did the INTRODUCTION to your speech – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1. Begin with attention material?
2. Clearly state your position?
3. Establish your credibility?
4. Motivate the audience to listen?
5. Preview your three main points?
6. Provide a transition to the body?
Did the BODY of your speech – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
7. Have 3 clear main points?
8. Have good transitions?
9. Provide a persuasive argument (e.g., organization, evidence)?
Did the CONCLUSION of your speech – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
10. Start with a signal (e.g., To conclude)?
11. Summarize the key ideas (main points by name)?
12. Provide a clincher?
Did your DELIVERY of your speech – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
14. Provide at least 85% direct eye contact to the audience?
15. Provide confident posture and no distracting mannerisms?
16. Have a natural conversational quality? (no reading!)
17. Have clear, understandable speech?
18. Have effective volume, pitch, rate, and emphasis?
Was the PRESENTATION AS A WHOLE: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
19. Well organized
20. Suited to the audience?
21. Suited to the allowed time and the assignment?
22. Did you state orally 3 research sources?
23. Filmed well with effective use of visuals?
Grade: ______ Outline: ______

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