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Please write at least 600 words on the following:*Introduction: responding to the following questions: 1) What is your present research question(s)? Why are interested in this topic? Note: This can be the place where you tell the story of your interest in this topic. This could double as an introduction to your research project. This also should include your exigency about learning about this topic. Here are some further questions to guide you: What do you know about the topic at present? (This is where you exhaust your knowledge of the topic. How did you become aware of it. This part obviously might change as you learn more things about the topic.) What questions, or questions, do you have about the topic? 2) What modes or mediums do wish to use? Do you want to write a paper, make a video, podcast or some other medium? Who will be your audience? Why are choosing this medium(s) and audience?3) A plan to collect information (Read Driscoll’s piece on primary research): Please respond to the following questions: What type of information do you need to know to take this topic further? Where will you find it? What types of problems do you anticipate? For this part you can do a preliminary search. Describe what type of primary research you might be thinking about (interviews, surveys, observations)Please don’t become despondent if you don’t immediately find information on your topic!! Patience is good in research and sometimes the best work comes from associative topics. The above two things will obviously change as you research. These later parts of your proposal is a prediction.

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We are Called Plastic age! Assignment | Get Homework Help
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