Torture as human-rights abuse: the “ticking bomb” scenario Assignment | Get Homework Help

One nightmare of high government officials such as mayors, governors and presidents in the U.S. and comparable executive officers in other countries would occur when valuable intelligence or good police work or sheer luck leads authorities to capture a person who, like them, knows that a nuclear dirty bomb will very soon be detonated in a major population center. The person refuses to talk at all, much less to divulge the details of where the bomb is, when it is supposed to detonate and how to dismantle it. Intelligence indicates only that the plan is that it will be detonated too soon for the authorities to evacuate the city. The question, then, with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of innocent victims’ lives in peril, is how to get the vital information from the suspect. If you were that high government official, would you authorize torture on the captured terrorist in the hope of getting the information in time? What considerations, pro and con would enter into your decision-making matrix

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