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According to the book “Shadowshaper” by Daniel José Older, how and why does the author use the issue of gender, socio-economics, and race to identify and establish his heroine?

Make sure you are not generalizing and that you are not analyzing from the view of the author. The theme’s message are interpreted by you, making this essay subjective.

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Thematic Analysis Assignment | Get Homework Help
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Think about your self as a target audience and what message you are absorbing or the target audience intended for a novel like this.

– Make sure that the Analysis portions of the PIE (the how & why) paragraphs include one outside credible source to support the topic sentence and is backed up by your analytical discussion of that chosen theme.

– Make sure that the PIE paragraphs are portioned with 25p percent Illustrative content and 75 percent analytical content

Book reviews or summaries do not count as a credible source.

PI (How) paragraphs:
(Ie. In terms of the theme of gender, the thematic message of “You are enough” is directed toward {young females ages 11 – 16).
Any content from Shadowshaper belongs in the illustration paragraphs! Make sure that all your content is focused on supporting your thematic message (theme). Make sure that your writing style is not that of a book review, textual analysis or a character analysis; If it reads this way, you are veering off topic. Also, do not generalize.

PE (WHY) paragraphs – Make sure there are “because ” statements
There should not be any content from Shadowshapers in this paragraph. The focus should be on who the character may represent in the real world and/or the target audience(s) of each thematic message.
(ie. Sierra represented youth females of color ages 11-16)
The outside credible sources may include a credible media (like the previous essay) and must focus on supporting the target audience (s)and thematic message directed at them.

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