The representation of women in advertising Assignment | Get Homework Help

1. Contextualise an issue: Identify a social/cultural problem or issue that has interest for you related to culture, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity as it relates to discourses of design. Drawing on sources relevant to design history and theory contextualise and discuss the problem or issue you would like to address. (The representation of women in advertising).

2. Compare and contrast the approach of at least two other designers in relation to the issue under investigation. Use visual analysis of their work to support your argument – why is their approach to the issue successful/not successful. (Be sure to include the images you refer to).

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The representation of women in advertising Assignment | Get Homework Help
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3. Propose a project that future you would like to undertake to address the issue – think big! Be speculative. Provide a justification as to why you think your approach is appropriate to the issue and will provide a positive outcome, and how would you might measure your success.

4. List of references – Remember your essay must refer to at least 8 academic sources to develop your argument referenced throughout the text and documented in a list of references at the end of your essay.


  • Style: Chicago/Turabian
  • Number of pages: 7 pages/double spaced (1925 words)
  • Number of source/references: 8


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