The relationship between a new media technology/platform/practice and society Assignment | College Homework Help


Students are required to submit a 2000 word essay on a topic of their choosing exploring a specific new media technology/platform/practice.

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The relationship between a new media technology/platform/practice and society Assignment | College Homework Help
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Students should select a new media technology/platform/practice and construct an academic argument around it. It needs to be a specific argument, that tells the reader something about the relationship between this new media technology/platform/practice and society more generally. Don’t just give a technological description or history. For example the argument: ‘Facebook has facilitated new forms of protest’ would be a good topic, whereas a broad history of Facebook’s technological development would fail.

The essay should do the following (it does not have to be in this order):

– Briefly describe the historical development of your new media technology/platform/practice in relation to your overall argument (Do not go into unnecessary detail, 1 paragraph should be enough for most technologies)
– Articulate a sophisticated academic argument about this new media technology/platform/practice
– Critically analyse the cultures that surround the technology/platform/practice and explain why they are important or significant
– Examine any conflicts and tensions that surround the technology/platform/practice
– State why it is important to understand this new media technology/platform/practice in this way

**Essays must use at least one article from the reader, and at least two from your own research.**

– Essays must use media studies and/or cultural studies academic texts, and develop an argument in line with these approaches. If you are unsure what this means please ask your tutor.

Assessment Criteria

– Understanding of new media technology: Do you demonstrate a sophisticated academic understanding of key contexts of, and cultures surrounding, chosen new media technology

– Argument: Was all academic work used directly relevant and appropriate to argument and engaged with in a sophisticated manner.

– Engagement with appropriate academic material: Do you present a sophisticated integration of the case-study with relevant theory. Have you identified and made use of appropriate resources beyond those provided in the unit reader? (You must use at least one article from the reader, and at least two from your own research)

– Referencing: Do you correctly reference appropriate academic sources with no formatting errors; have you built on enough sources

– Style and presentation: Is your essay clearly written and presented

On successful completion you will be able to:
– Understand cybercultures in a contemporary and historical context
– Develop and convey theoretical understandings of cybercultures
– Develop and apply critical analysis to contemporary cybercultures
– Develop academic research skills

!!! My essay requires 3 references total. 1 must be chosen from the weekly readings assigned in my course. The other 2 are from “the student’s own outside research”. I have included a few weekly readings for the writer to include as the “1 reading from the weekly readings”. You can locate these readings in the “additional materials” section. Please just select 1! The other 2 of 3 sources can be any peer-reviewed outside sources. !!!





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