The importance of Department Contract Audit Agency in Defense Contract Management and outcome (Outline) Assignment | Professional Essay Writers



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The importance of Department Contract Audit Agency in Defense Contract Management and outcome (Outline) Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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The importance of Department Contract Audit Agency in Defense Contract Management and outcome (Outline)

Week 3 Assignment

You Jin Choi

<DEFM200 >











  1. Introduction

“DCAA performs contract audits for the Department of Defense (DOD) and provides accounting and financial advisory services regarding contracts and subcontracts to all DOD components in support of national defense”[1]. DOD contracts for businesses are set to be awarded annually. It is to offer opportunities for many businesses that are willing to find stable income and expand their experiences throughout the contract period. It is not a secret that there will be drastic increasing numbers of businesses that Department of Defense (DoD) awards contracts every year. The downside of this awarding process is that Department of Defense can be overwhelmed with incontrollable incurring costs and many other issues with the rapidly increasing number of contracts. This is the line where Department Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has to step in.

  1. Define your topic

Department Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has an important role within any DOD related contract management. It has to make sure any Taxpayers’ dime spent for any Federal agencies spent useful. This includes no waste in incurring payment and the quality of work received by businesses and so forth. More savings on the cost to the maximum quality work is the best way to show Taxpayers how well the DOD is doing with their Tax paid. This research is to show what DCAA does to make sure every payment is spent appropriately and how they conduct their Audit to make sure to prevent waste plus the outcome of it.

  1. Explain your topic

As a soldier living on base myself, the contractors are everywhere to support the mission with us. From the maintenance of the base to the mission-essential supplies and services, contractors are everywhere to serve the country with us. Their jobs are deeply rooted to our missions as soldiers that if they are not providing quality service and products, the missions cannot be completed on time or at all and at the same time, government is still having incurring payment for that. To ensure this does not happen, the DCAA has to step in to supervise if the quality of service or goods that DOD is receiving from these contractors is good for the payment from our government. My topic started from there, I think DCAA is a big part of every contract management process and should earn more recognition.

  1. Defend your position about your topic

DCAA’s audit takes crucial part for DOD, contractors and Taxpayers as it brings many advantages to all three parties. DOD would be advised by DCAA to make sure the money does not spend on poor quality service or product and for contractors, DCAA would be the best stimulus factor to strive and be motivated for the better outcome of their service and products to match up with the expectations to not to lose their contract for the following year. Taxpayers will be happy as to see the result of savings the government has done for the Tax they paid and not a lot has been wasted.

  1. Conclusion

The existence of DCAA to supervise the overall work quality and money spent of every party involved (DOD and contractors) can prevent poor quality work and hidden waste of money. Assuring their field audit officers are involved in every process of contract and acquisition, step to step guidelines striving for quality contract relations, and supporting smooth mission achievement are their main reasons for existence and it is extremely essential for DOD personnel. The outcomes DCAA can change are mostly positive. Just like other big organizations, there might be some deficiencies within the process that are unreasonable or mistakes that could occur during the process but, I found more pros than cons throughout this research and I support their attempts of successful achievement.



















Burke, R. (2015). OUR Chat WITH Anita Bales, DIRECTOR, DEFENSE CONTRACT AUDIT AGENCY. OUR Chat WITH Anita Bales, DIRECTOR, DEFENSE CONTRACT AUDIT AGENCY, 55(56), 44–53. Retrieved from


[1]  (Burke, 2015)

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