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The Impact of Technology on the Human Brain
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Since I can remember technology has been essential to the world we live in today.
Technology impacts the way we maintain our attention and focus on tasks throughout our day.
Technology has so many pros and cons when it comes to the human brain. Pros include saving
time, much easier ways to communicate, helps improves efficiency. Cons include dependability,
very expensive, most technology today is taking away jobs, risk putting all personal information
of the web, shortens attention span, and dependent on quickly searching information about the
world around us.
Furthermore, research shows that technology has a big part in affecting our brains
including the change in the way we think and process information. Our brains are accustomed to
nonstop visual representations which include text messages, pictures, games, and videos. This
shows that our brains are learning to scan information without fully reading anything including
articles, magazines, novels, essays, etc. Researchers say that technology is helping to lose our
concentration, which is a key skill when it comes to critical thinking and long term learning.
technology has an effect on our sleep cycles, for example, the bright light from our manipulate
our minds into thinking it is still day time and later on affect our wellbeing. Our short term and
long term memory are impacted causing us to depend on Google, GPS, Notifications, and other
applications. Therefore, we depend on our phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to help us
remember people, places, and things.
Technology has also affected a term called cognitive control which helps create meaning
around us. The three roles in cognitive control include help us focus, control our memories, and
manage our goal-setting abilities. All three roles play a huge role in how our brain works and
how we as people function. As we keep engaging with technology we have the ability to be
better at multitasking. Technology is making us incapable of successfully doing several things at
once. As we all know technology can be very addicting or even an obsession. With this
obsession, technology can affect our attitudes including, behavioral problems, stress, and
anxiety. Stress on your brain can lead to so many downfalls including high levels of cortisol that
can wear down the brain’s ability to function properly. Stress can kill brain cells and even reduce
the size of our brain by shrinking the prefrontal cortex. This over time can cause severe
emotional stress to the mind and body.
Technology has also affected me personally. Having a cell phone and not being able to
concentrate on a given task has not been easy for me. I find myself easily distracted, and not
being able to finish the present task at hand. This can become a huge barrier if not addressed, and
corrected. For example, when writing this essay I had a hard time meeting the word
requirements. My phone was in my possession but I could not go 5 minutes without checking it.
Even though I can’t stay off of my phone or laptop, there are many great ways to learn and retain
information. Ways to retain information including, but not limited to watching helpful YouTube
videos, catching up on trending news and topics. Technology is a great way to communicate
through apps including through email, Snapchat, Instagram, and so many others. The Internet is
also a place where we instantly believe information without any feedback or deep research.
In conclusion, technology is a great way for people to communicate, interact, entertain, and
what we spend all our time today. As stated technology is the way of life and the way we all
receive information. Although technology has so many pros and cons, we as a society still need
technological advances in order to succeed. The best way for us to have a balanced life we must
set aside mobile devices to get rid of those negative downfalls. Taking time off our phones is the
best way to improve our lives.2 pages / 550 words

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