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Write a short 2-page essay on one of the following topics:

(1) How does the ending of Whiplash read back on the rest of the movie? In other words, in what ways does that final scene (in which Andrew Neyman performs the song Caravan solo, with Terence Fletcher leading) encourage us to revisit earlier scenes in the movie. You might do a comparison, for example, between that final scene and an earlier interaction between Neyman and Fletcher. Or you might focus on the connections between that scene and an interaction between Neyman and his girlfriend. For this assignment, just make sure you are close reading the ending alongside an earlier moment in the film, to think through their connections?

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The art of Film Assignment | Get Homework Help
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(2) What does Whiplash demonstrate about “tunnel vision”? As we have covered in this past week, tunnel vision is the experience of staring at something long enough that everything else falls away as unimportant. How does the movie represent this experience, by using Andrew Neyman, Terence Fletcher, or Sean Casey (the former student of Fletcher’s who killed himself)?

Those are the topics. Now, for this paper, please keep in mind that the strongest papers will:

Announce a thesis statement at the end of the introduction, which directly and clearly addresses the essay question.
Focus on 1-2 specific scenes, and then analyze those scenes in a way that supports the writer’s overall argument. This requires using quotes, images, etc.
Uses the full 2 pages to its advantage, in order to make the argument stick. (Also, remember to use 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins.)

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