Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

The Terms and Conditions of Service Provision (“Terms”) have been written and presented in English. In case of a conflict occurring due to translation differences and the original version of this document, the English version shall prevail “as is” and of primary value. The Terms document and any other contractual or non-contractual kind of a dispute or a claim occurring in or in no connection with the subject matter is to be governed under the law of the United States.

Accessing the TCH Essays website, you are bound by these Terms and agree that you are responsible for compliance with the local and national laws and regulations. In case you disagree with any of the points presented in the Terms, you are no longer allowed to access the TCH Essays website.

The Terms document becomes legally binding since the recorded time of a website visit and remains valid through an infinite period of time. In the case of one or more provisions of the Terms is invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the provisions that remain. From now on, “the TCH Essays Company”, “website”, “system”, “we”, “us” and “Online Education Platform” refer to the Thecoursehero.com. “Users”, “you”, “Student”, “Tutor”, “Freelancer” refer to the students, teachers, and the tutors unless a specific user group or technical personnel is being addressed.

  1. Account Security and Registration

The Terms require the User to follow the next registration and account security rules in order to maintain private information safe:

  • Providing any false personal information is prohibited when one is required to obtain any free or paid services from the TCH Essays Company
  • Creation of an account for anyone other than yourself is strictly forbidden
  • You are allowed to create more than one personal account only under special circumstances (technical issue like deactivation of a previously existing account)
  • You are not allowed to create another account unless we grant you permission to register if the TCH Essays company has chosen to disable or deactivate a User’s account.
  • You should keep your user account and contact information up to date and accurate
  • You are not allowed to share your account access data with the third parties including the password and login credentials
  • The TCH Essays company reserves the right to remove or reclaim your account identifier in case we find it appropriate due to a legal complaint like intellectual property rights violation.
  1. Online Ethics and Safety

At the TCH Essays Company, we walk an extra mile to implement the best security policies and the safety of our users, but we cannot guarantee it unless the User follows the same set of rules and does their best to remain safe. In order to provide you with the best online experience, we remind you of existing rules:

  • User is not allowed to post unauthorized/commercial/copyrighted content
  • User is not allowed to collect or scrape user data or any website content with the help of automatic and manual tools, such as web crawlers, spiders, harvest bots or any other technical tools
  • User is not allowed to promote any marketing schemes or campaigns on the TCH Essays Company’s website
  • User is not allowed to post or activate any malicious code
  • User is not allowed to attack, harass or otherwise intimidate other Users
  • User is not allowed to post and distribute content that can be defined as hate speech, pornography, violent materials, graphic violence or nudity
  • User is not allowed to use the TCH Essays Company to carry out any action of the discriminatory, misleading, illegal, violent, and malicious character
  • User is not allowed to implement anything that can potentially lead to disability, overload or otherwise disruption of the operation and functionality of the TCH Essays Company’s website
  • User is not allowed to encourage any kind of violation of the Terms or any other safety policy
  1. Content Rules and Regulations

The User is fully responsible and bears complete liability for the content that they choose to provide us with or send via TCH Essays Company’s system. We prohibit the following type of content:

  • Any content that includes offensive language or anything that has potential to embarrass, alarm, harass or annoy another user
  • Any content that contains obscene or offensive material to human dignity
  • Any content that has insulting, abusive, threatening, racist, sexist or hostile nature
  • Any content that includes images or resemblance of an individual under the age of eighteen (18)
  • Any content that contains commercial information such as competitions, spam email or links to other websites
  • Anything containing malware, spyware, external code, viruses, corrupt files, and any other malicious content that may potentially disrupt, interrupt or damage network or server software and hardware
  • Anything that can potentially damage or interfere with any personal information whether it be from the TCH Essays Company or from the other sources
  • Any content that violates or infringes with any other third party’s rights, violating intellectual property or privacy policies
  1. Operation and Liability in Use of the Website

The User is held fully liable for the actions in relation to creation and provision of information contained on their personal pages or a personal account on the website, as well as for the actions pertaining to sharing and distribution of such information with the other Users in accordance with the U.S. legislation. Any breach of these Terms and/or current U.S. legislation / local laws result in civil, criminal and/or administrative liability whenever applicable.

The TCH Essays Company provides User with a technical possibility to use the Online Education Platform. The TCH Essays Company does not influence the content of User’s personal data pages in any way and does not exercise any control and is not liable for any actions, damage, errors, and omissions of any our Users regarding the use of TCH Essays Company’s website.

  • The TCH Essays website, system’s software, and information architecture do not contain and will not contain any tools for automatic censorship and control of actions in relation to the information that is shared by the website’s users.
  • The TCH Essays website does not make preliminary moderation or censor any content provided by the User
  • Any actions related to protection of the rights and interests of an individual User will be carried out only after the individual addresses the concerns directly to the TCH Essays company in compliance with the current U.S. or local legislation.
  • The TCH Essays Company reserves the right to change the design of the website, its content, services, list of user scripts, the objects, graphic elements, server-side applications, third-party APIs, and tracking applications without advance notice of the changes that have been implemented.

The TCH Essays company should not be held liable for any breach of the Terms by any User of this website and has a right to moderate, modify or delete any content/information that is made public by the User if it violates any of the rules set by the Terms. Such kind of moderation, removal or modification of information may take place under the discretion of the TCH Essays Company or upon receipt of such violation from the other User or a third party complaint/request/notice.

The TCH Essays Company reserves the right for an indefinite termination or a temporary suspension of User’s access to the website, its sections or services, both partially and in full without providing of an explanation for the exact reason or a detailed advanced notice and without legal binding and liability regarding any damage that might or has has been inflicted upon the User as a result of aforementioned suspension and termination by the TCH Essays Company. If it is assumed that User is a threat to the system, its functionality or to the other Users, the TCH Essays Company reserves the right for account termination, which means permanent removal of all information in the User’s account, restriction to User’s access to the website, and a permanent registration prohibition.

The TCH Essays Company undertakes full responsibility for proper operation and the timely service of the TCH Essays website. In case of a technical failure or interruptions, the TCH Essays company is responsible for the restoration and an operational website state. The TCH Essays Company should not be held liable for any damage caused to the User’s mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer or any other electronic device used for connecting to the TCH Essays Company’s website, including downloading of any materials from the website or via the links to sources specified on the website.

  1. Student Policies

The Terms of Use and Conditions of the students are covered by these Terms as well as by the TCH Essays Company’s website Honor Code. The students (Users) are responsible for getting themselves familiarized with the conditions outlined in the Honor Code. Failure to comply with the Honor Code will result in immediate account termination.

  1. Tutoring Service Policies

Acting as the educational provider platform that is accessible for the Students in their personal account, the TCH Essays Company labels the services provided as “”Freelancers”” where “”Tutors”” and “”Freelancers”” are interchangeable terms. The policies that regulate the Behavior Code of the Freelancers are listed under the Tutoring Service policies section. Based upon a paid cooperation, the Tutors provide the Students with a Lesson Service as a primary service. Lesson Service is defined as a tutoring session or an educational service that a Student may receive from a “”Freelancer”” individual. The TCH Essays Company acts as a collaboration platform designed and developed in order to make the request of such services possible with an aim to collect and process the payments from Students and to ensure the financial security of both Students and Tutors involved.

How Tutoring Services Work

The TCH Essays Company is an online educational platform that ensures functionality, which provides the Student with a right to request and pay for Lesson Services that are provided by Tutors. The TCH Essays Company ensures proper operation of the website and sufficient functionality that allows the provision of the Lesson Services. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Direct interaction (instant messaging)
  • File sharing (upload and download)
  • SSL Encryption
  • Document collaboration

The TCH Essays Company does not act as a primary provider of the Lesson Services. The TCH Essays Company does not act on behalf and is not a legal, financial (or any other kind of) a representative for any User (Student or Tutor) visiting the website. The Tutors that provide the Lesson Service are independent contractors and are not the employees or representatives of the TCH Essays Company.

Interaction Between Students and The Tutors

The TCH Essays Company cannot be held responsible for decisions being made regarding the provision of the Lesson Service by either Students or the Tutors. The TCH Essays company informs the Student that this type of decision is solely a personal responsibility of the User. Likewise, the Tutor is informed that a decision to provide a Lesson Service to a Student is made by the Tutor alone. The TCH Essays Company does not censor or check the contents of the Lesson Services that are provided to the Student. The Student is responsible for verification of the appropriate quality of contents provided by the Tutors. Any disputes concerning the quality of the content provided by the Tutors can only be initiated due to confirmation of the insufficient quality of provided content and/or Lesson Services. The TCH Essays Company requires all the Tutors to provide accurate and timely personal and professional information. The TCH Essays Company undertakes all the feasible actions that would allow screening and verification of information about the Tutor, including academic credentials. The TCH Essays company cannot guarantee sufficiency of such screening or a verification process in case the information related to Tutor’s skills and/or credentials are corrupt or counterfeit. The TCH Essays company does everything possible in order to avoid and prevent identity frauds and cannot be held liable for the cases of falsification. The TCH Essays Company cannot be held responsible for any kind of mental, physical or psychological damage caused to the Student or a Tutor during the interaction / Lesson Service session. In case there is evidence and suspicion that a certain interaction that took place between Student and the Tutor might be dangerous to any party, the party coming up with an assumption or the evidence should contact the authorities immediately.

Files / Data Exchange Between Users

The collaboration process between Students and Tutors may include the exchange of files (data). The TCH Essays company cannot be held liable and does not bear any responsibility for the content, accuracy, legality, and safety of the files and data being exchanged. The User assumes full responsibility and risks related to downloading and the opening of these files.

The Tutor Behavior Guidelines

Once the TCH Essays Company approves a User as a Tutor, User agrees to the next behavior guidelines:

  • A presence of the necessary qualifications and expertise, supported by the academic credentials
  • A Tutor provides truthful, accurate, timely, and legitimate credentials to support the qualifications and the expertise
  • The credentials should be backed up with photocopied or scanned, verified originals of the documents from the legitimate and recognized academic institutions, issued upon request from the TCH Essays Company
  • A Tutor is prohibited to use the TCH Essays Company to engage in any kind of a business activity that would violate any national or local laws, academic policies of Universities, Schools, Colleges or any other U.S. academic institutions
  • A Tutor is not allowed to facilitate direct or indirect violations of such laws and the academic policies issued by the other users
  • A Tutor is not allowed to facilitate direct or indirect violations of the TCH Essays Company’s Honor Code
  • A Tutor is not allowed to create and contribute to circumstances that can result in any form of academic dishonesty
  • A Tutor is not allowed to engage in any activity that can result in the TCH Essays Company’s purchase of licenses or payment of any royalties

Any violations of the aforementioned guidelines will result in immediate termination of cooperation and a permanent suspension of the User/Tutor account.

  1. Financial Policies

Monetary Deposits

All the payments that are being made by the User visiting the website are transferred to their internal Account Balance. The TCH Essays Company does not collect the payments on behalf of Tutors and acts as a temporary holder of the corresponding payments. The funds are released to the Tutor once a Student confirms a receipt of the provided Lesson Service in the personal account provided by the TCH Essays Company. According to TCH Essays Company’s Financial Policy, the Tutor can expect payment for the Lesson Service provided to be kept in the Student’s internal Account Balance until cooperation results in a delivery of a requested Lesson Service. The Tutor can expect the funds to be released for the Lesson Service provided once the Student has accepted the quality of the service provided as appropriate.

The Tutor Charges Policy

The Tutor who wants to be featured and/or chosen as a priority in the Student’s Account and/or on the TCH Essays Company’s website has to pay an additional fee that is determined by the TCH Essays Company’s. The Tutor’s payment funds for the Lesson Service is released to the internal Account Balance and can be collected on a pre-arranged schedule.

The Student Charges Policy

Students who make a request for the Lesson Service have to pay a fee that is charged by the Tutor and a markup that is issued by the TCH Essays Company. The markup payment is necessary and unavoidable because it is charged for the holding funds, transferred by the Student in the personal Account Balance.

  1. Legal Disclaimer

All the materials that are provided on the TCH Essays Company’s website are provided “”as is””. The TCH Essays company does not provide any explicit or implicit warranty and a disclaimer, negating all other warranties that include warranties without limitation or conditions of merchantability or non-infringement of intellectual property or any other violation of rights/copyright/royalties.

The TCH Essays Company does not guarantee and does not make any warranties concerning the accuracy or reliability of the materials provided by the TCH Essays company’s website or any other websites that link to the original TCH Essays website.

The TCH Essays Company’s website materials may include occasional technical, typographical or photographic errors. The TCH Essays Company cannot provide any guarantee that the materials provided on the TCH Essays website are accurate, complete or without aforementioned flaws.

The TCH Essays Company does not make any commitment to updating of the materials provided on the website.

The TCH Essays Company may change any materials/content of the website at any time prior notification of the Users and/or Tutors

  1. Link Policy

The TCH Essays Company does not review and will not review all the external websites that link to the TCH Essays website and cannot be held responsible for contents of such websites under no conditions and at any point. The use of such linked websites is solely at User’s own risk.

  1. Terms of Use Modifications

The TCH Essays Company may revise these Terms and Conditions document at any time without prior notification. Using TCH Essays website, you agree to be bound and held responsible by the published and the current version of the Terms as of date being published.

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