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  • Recognize connections between technology, media, and popular culture
  • Distinguish the significance of those connections
  • Give examples of key technological changes in popular culture entertainment media history
  • Summarize the repercussions of those events


We have encountered aspects of popular culture and entertainment media history by focusing on changes in technology and what we have termed “milestone or touchstone events.” This assignment will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of that history in general and the technology-media connections that underlie it. Further, you’ll have the opportunity to explain the cultural significance of those events and developments. This assignment should allow you to recognize the uses of many ideas that we’ve discussed. It is strongly suggested that you cite from refereed sources from our library data bases within this assignment.

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Technology Assignment | Cheap Essay Help
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  1. Identify a technological invention, innovation, or change that had a significant cultural impact. Focus on something specific; don’t summarize the history of a medium. (Example: The invention of the CD, not all audio recording)
  2. Explain the impact that invention or change had on the media industry. (Example: CD’s allowed music to be recorded and played back at greater clarity and sturdiness than cassette tapes).
  3. Use and cite at least one article source from our library’s database holdings (EBSCOhost or LEXIS/NEXIS, etc.) in your explanation of its impact. A regular internet source will not meet this requirement.
  4. Discuss why, how, or in what way(s) this invention or change was significant to the culture. (Example: CD’s prepared consumers for digital files and the digital environment.)

Submission Guidelines

You must submit your assignment as a You Tube link.

  • Be sure to address the content requested, design is no substitute for content
  • It must include a narration track. Click on the Keynote “Help” and search for “Record a voiceover narration” if you need assistance with this. Please Export the finished file as a QuickTime Movie
  • Upload your narrated Keynote/Powerpoint to You Tube and submit the link on a word document to the platform. The platform will only recognize that you have completed the assignment if you upload a file.
  • Don’t worry about stumbling over your words, that is fine! This does not need to be broadcast quality
  • It must be 3 and a half to 5 minutes in length
  • It must be at least 10 slides in length
  • It must include a slide with APA-style references at the end and parenthetical in-text citations throughout the work

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