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This criteria on is linked to a Learning Outcome Common Good Does your paper demonstrate how the topic impacts the common good? Is your paper obviously about the common good, or do you largely ignore it? This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity and Fairness Are your statements, tables, statistics, etc. clear and concise? Are you fair and give both sides of the story/issue? This is especially necessary if you are taking a position on a controversial topic or dilemma. You must give a serious account of the opposing viewpoint. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResearch Do you use your research well and significantly to guide your discussion? Is your research scholarly authoritative? Do you cite your sources properly? Is research present and obvious throughout your paper? Every claim you make must be grounded in scholarship. Back up every claim, otherwise, why should I “believe” you This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStructure Is your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax correct? Keep in mind that this paper is also a scholarly endeavor.

Sustainability and the Common Good

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Sustainability vs. the common good Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Today’s modern-day society has been facing major global concerns regarding environmental issues that has marked the world we live in forever. Society has been used to maintain a high paced increase in infrastructure and technology but until now are starting to realize the cost for all the excess. Every year oceans and forests are victims of human expansion due to the pollution left behind by them. Forests like the Amazon rainforest are being cut down to sell wood but behind that we are destroying animals’ ecosystems and at the same time damaging our own source of air. Being from Nicaragua has helped me understand how all the environmental concerns started and slowly shifted to seriously impacting the common good. Nicaragua being a third world country faces a slow economic increase which means that the issues are at a smaller scale but at the same time society is looking for the easiest way to boost the economy rather than focusing on the sustainability.













  1. Importance of Sustainability
    1. What is sustainability?
    2. Impact of sustainability on environmental issues?
  2. Sustainability options to combat climate change and the damage on ecosystems
    1. Sustainability to protect ocean ecosystems
    2. Sustainability to protect forests
  • Impact on the common good
    1. Benefits to society
    2. Benefits to humans
  1. Impact on wildlife
    1. Importance of saving wildlife
    2. How can sustainability save animal life
  2. Sustainability for the common good









Works Cited

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4 pages / 1100 words

3 sources required

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