Summarize the “The Dog Ate My Flash Drive, and Other Tales of Woe” by Carolyn Foster Segal Assignment | Online Assignment Help

Summary Essay Assignment

For your summary essay, you will need to summarize:

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Summarize the “The Dog Ate My Flash Drive, and Other Tales of Woe” by Carolyn Foster Segal Assignment | Online Assignment Help
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“The Dog Ate My Flash Drive, and Other Tales of Woe” by Carolyn Foster Segal

Your essay should abide by the following guidelines:

Essay should include an effective introduction of at least 5 sentences, with one of them being a thesis statement.

You should begin you essay with background information on the article. There is a sample introduction in this style on page 53.

Your thesis statement should clearly state the main point of the article being summarized.

Your summary essay should include at least three body paragraphs. These should be the MAIN points or topics that are addressed within the article. Pay close attention and look for key words or visuals that indicate the main points of the article. Each body paragraph should be at least 5 sentences.

Please review what the textbook says about body paragraphs on page 55-60.

Each body paragraphs should include a direct quote with a parenthetical citation.

Please review what the textbook says about direct quotes and parenthetical citations in chapters 17 and 18, specifically page 729-730

Then, you should also include a conclusion of at least 5 sentences. You should conclude your summer essay by reviewing your key points or restating your thesis. A sample conclusion in these styles can be found on page 61.

Finally, you should include a Works Cited page.

The Works Cited page should only include one citation for the article you are summarizing.

Review what the textbook says about Works Cited pages on 731-732.

To correctly cite the article you are summarizing, follow the citation example on page 736 for citing an “Essay in an Anthology”.

The Works Cited page must be submitted with the essay, not emailed or submitted separately. If not included with the essay, it will not be accepted.

Essay should be at least 2 full pages.

Comp I – Summary Essay Rubric


Essay Content (70 points)


Introduction (10 points)                                                                     Points Earned             /10

Introduction should include each of the following:

  • A hook to get the reader’s attention
  • Appropriate and necessary background information for an uninformed audience
  • Thesis statement communicates the significant of the work being summarized
  • At least 5 sentences

Body (40 points)                                                                                  Points Earned             /40

Body should include each of the following:

  • Focus on specific information found within the original text
  • At least three body paragraphs that focus on summarizing the main points of the original text
  • An effective topic sentence in each body paragraph that introduces the main point of that paragraph
  • At least 5 supporting sentences in each body paragraph
  • At least 1 direct quote with correct documentation in each body paragraph

Conclusion (10 points)                                                            Points Earned              /10

Conclusion should include each of the following:

  • A restating or reminder of the thesis
  • A wrap-up of the important points of the essay
  • A creative closure that provides a solid ending to the discussion
  • At least 5 sentences

Additional (10 points)                                                              Points Earned             /10

Essay should also:

  • All information is necessary and contributes to the overall point, does not veer off topic
  • Effective transitions between and within each paragraph
  • Essay is objective and does not include personal thoughts or opinions
  • Includes correct parenthetical citations for all direct quotes and paraphrases
  • Quotation marks are used correctly to indicate direct quotes
  • Demonstrate a logical and organized progression of ideas
  • Maintain an appropriate and formal tone

Works Cited and Documentation (15 points)                                        Points Earned             /15


Works Cited should include:

  • Start on new page
  • Double-spacing
  • Title that is centered, no bold, on the top line of the page
  • Citations begin with the first line flush to the left, and additional lines being indented
  • Only one citation, it should be for the text being discussed
  • Citation in correct MLA format
  • Titles should be placed in italics or quotes, whichever is appropriate for the specific text
  • Titles should be correctly capitalized
  • Correct punctuation
  • Parenthetical citations within the essay should easily match-up with the correct source on the Works Cited page






Formatting (15 points)Points Earned              /15

Essay should include:

  • Last name and page number in the top right corner, placed with the “Insert” tool
  • Correct MLA heading in the top left corner, only appears on the first page, NOT placed with the insert tool
  • A title that is centered, the same size font as the essay, no quotation marks, is not all caps, no bold, no italics
  • Font is Times New Roman, size 12
  • Paragraphs are indented using the “tab” key
  • Essay is double spaced
  • Essay includes 1-inch margins

DeductionsPoints Deducted      

Points will be deducted

  • 1 point for each grammatical, mechanical, stylistic, or writing error (up to 15 points)
  • 1 point for each incorrect use of personal pronouns, the word “you,” or any of its forms (up to 10 points)
  • 1 points for each use of a contractions (up to 5 points)
  • 1 points for each extra space between paragraphs (up to 4 points)
  • Various numbers of points may be deducted for failing to meet length requirements
  • Various numbers of points may also be deducted for plagiarism errors

Total Points Earned        /100

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