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Dr. Novak designed a new software package to help her students with their statistics assignments.

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Statistics Worksheets Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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One of her classes used the software package for their homework (experimental group) and one group did not use the software package (control group).

The statistics quiz scores for the control group (no software help) are as follows:
45 39 36 34 34 33 31 31 30 30 28 28 28 27 27 25 23 22 21 21 20 18 8.

The statistics quiz scores for the experimental group (software users) are as follows:
72 65 47 44 41 40 34 33 33 30 29 28 27 27 25 24 24 23 22 21 21 17.

You are to perform an analysis of the data, answering each of the questions below.

For short answer questions, be brief.

However, you must give enough detail to justify your answers. Single-sentence responses will not suffice but do not exceed a paragraph for any given answer.

Analysis Questions:

1. Write out a research question that is appropriate for this type of study and reflects the data that have been collected.

What type of research question (i.e.,descriptive,comparative, relationship) is this?

Briefly explain your answer.

2. What are the independent and dependent variables in the study?

3. Before performing data analyses, make a prediction about the pattern of results you expect to see and why. That is, which condition do you think will result in the highest test scores, on average?


Note: do not base your prediction on the data itself, rather your expectations going into the study. That is, before you collect any data, what would you expect to see?

This prediction is called the Research Hypothesis (note—will be slightly different from the Research Question in #1 above)

4. Calculate the mean and the standard deviation for the experimental and control groups. a.

Compare the means for the two groups. To do this use a t-test for independent sample means at a .05 level of significance. Be sure to report the t, df,and p. Also be sure to indicate whether you accept or reject the null hypothesis,and why. Indicate what this means in terms of your research hypothesis and your research question.Note: you can use any software package you want to complete this assignment.

My suggestion is that you use VassarStats located here:

Choose the link that says t-tests and procedures from the left menu.

Then choose the link that says Two-Sample t-Test for Independent or Correlated Samples. This will allow you to enter the raw data and complete the required calculations.

You then choose “printable format” you will be taken to a screen that you can print, or you can just copy that screen, paste it into a Word document,adjust the columns so I can read them,and use that as the basis for your final report.

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