Statistics Correlation Final Report Assignment | Custom Homework Help

Essay including introduction description and conclusion is needed the data and analysis are completed and attached to file. If you can change/covert histogram graph and frequency to a word doc to match the other I would appreciate it. Also, Scorecard is included to follow please check Q3 highlighted in yellow. Let me know if you have any questions.


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Statistics Correlation Final Report Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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  • Project background
  • Questions of interest and why you chose them?
  • Approach to answering the questions
  • Data discussion: transformations and/or outliers


Question #3 (Correlation):C) is there a relationship between car weight and engine size?

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Discuss the data
  • Include a table of summary statistics
  • Include a chart(s) that effectively display the data
  • Show the regression line and equation in the chart of data
  • Explain the regression equation (slope and y-intercept)
  • Discuss the coefficient of correlation and determination

Inferential statistics – test the significance of the least squares regression model (follow the

  • procedures in the textbook)
  • Null and alternative hypotheses
  • Level of significance (why this level?)
  • Critical values (explain how you got them)
  • Test statistics (classical method and p-value method)
  • Test requirements met?
  • Display formulas and intermittent calculations through final answer (so instructors can
  • see where in the process an error was made, if any).
  • Test conclusion (compare test statistic with critical value)
  • Interpretation Statement (see textbook for examples) Confidence intervals



Summary of the analyses and ideas for future tests or research.


Lessons Learned

Provide comments on the group project (interest in the subject matter, interaction among

members, value of project, ideas for improvement)


Comment on any other part of the statistics course that you enjoyed or would like to see



Group Project Report Scorecard


Points Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4


Introduction (questions, approach, data, etc.) 0.5        
Q1: 2Means Descriptive Stats – Discuss Data,

outliers, include table (mean, std dev, Q1, Q3, fences, etc.)

Q1: DS-Charts (frequency distribution, etc.) 1        
Q1: 2Means Inferential Stats -Hypotheses 0.5        
Q1-Critical Values (Why and how selected?) 0.5        
Q1-Test Statistics (requirements, both methods) 1        
Q1-Test Conclusion (test statistics v. critical values) 0.5        
Q1-Interpretation Statement (see textbook format) 1        
Q1- Confidence Intervals 1        
Q2: Chi Sq. Descriptive Stats – Data Discussion,

include tables (observed & expected)

Q2: DS-Charts (bar chart, etc.) 0.5        
Q2: Chi Sq.-Hypotheses 0.5        
Q2-Critical Values (Why and how selected?) 0.5        
Q2-Test Statistics (requirements, both methods) 1        
Q2-Test Conclusion (test statistics v. critical values) 0.5        
Q2-Interpretation Statement (see textbook format) 1        
Q3: Regression Descr Stats – Introduction, Data Discussion, Include tables (summary statistics, fences, outliers) 1        
Q3-DS-Regression Plot (include line and equation) 1        
Q3-Slope & Y-intercept Interpretation 1        
Q3-Discuss r and R^2 1        
Q3-Test Regression Model (requirements, hypothesis, critical values, test statistics for classical & p-value methods) 2        
Q3- Test Conclusion (test statistics v. critical values) 0.5        
Q3- Interpretation Statement (see textbook) 0.5        
Q3-Confidence Intervals 0.5        
Conclusion (include ideas for future tests/research) 0.5        
Lessons Learned (comment on group project, etc.) 0.5        
Total Points 22        



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