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GUIDELINES FOR DISCUSSIONS (15 percent of final grade)


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Speech discussion post Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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Read the assigned chapters from the textbook for that week. As you read, note your observations about the readings and how they relate to your academic experiences regarding public speaking and/or “real life” public speaking experiences outside of school or at work.  You should also note any new concept you come across in the reading you find worthy of interest. You will want to note page numbers which will help you later for the online discussion. You may want to highlight these ideas in the book or jot these ideas down.  Make your notes based on your “Ah-ha!”  moments, moments of connections, etc.

Read chapter 14



What Author Wrote (define conceptsand definitions):In the online discussion section for EACH chapter start a Thread. First, Make reference to at least two or three specific topicsfrom the chapter. Be sure to include the page numbers of the topics. This will help the other students (and me) who read your post see where in the chapter the topics are you are explaining. Write a thoughtful one paragraph (at least100to 150 words) definition of what you noted in the reading.


The overall goal of this section is to tell me what the author said and define the specific topics and concepts in your own words. Don’t simply quote the author.  Explain the topics and concepts in the reading and be sure to use a few specific terms from the reading – in other words, do not make it too general. Specific is better. What you write should show that you read the text and can explain what the author wrote. Do not write your own opinion; tell me what the author said.


Relate Concepts (your reaction):Second, write a few sentences (about 25 words) for each of your two or three specific concepts (topics) that you noted from the text, explain how they personally relate to your world. Write about why you found this idea of interest and how it connects to your academic work, future career, current work, personal life, etc. Use first person.  Tell me your own opinion and ideas.


Question the Concepts:Third, in this section please come up with two questions about the reading. The questions should be related to the topics you found interesting or should be questions about the overall chapter. Each question should make specific reference to course vocabulary. Think of good questions that will force us to re-examine the reading in an interesting and educational manner.  These questions will be used to stimulate discussion on the discussion board.




                Discuss Concepts: After you start your Thread with your post containing the three sections above. Read the all the posts of other students.  Answer/ Respond/Discuss/ Comment on at least one question from at least two different students. (No more than 4 replies) Replies must carry the conversation and peer to peer learning farther. Reflecting on the readings/concepts is encouraged. Replies should advance the discussion; a simple “I Agree!” or “That makes sense,” or copying another student’s answer does not count.


NOTE:  Posting earlier is better than later. You must first post before you can read and discuss readings/questions from other students. All new posts must be posted 24 hours before the discussion closes.  The deadline is to eliminate the last-minute deluge of posts which places burdens on others to keep up with reading posts. Therefore, up until the day before discussion closes add and read new posts, on the last day continue reading posts and answer other students’ questions.

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