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Sociology Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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  • Style: Other / asa
  • Number of pages: 2 pages/double spaced (550 words)
  • Number of source/references: 1



The “layout” of your research paper is in the module — it is entitled “Research Paper”


You will find your own data from the data sites I provided. Then, you will decide what variables to use and design your study. Your research should focus on the effect of X on Y. What X and Y are, is your choice.


You are to do your own study, you may not take someone else’s research as your own; that is plagiarism.


Once you have found your data and designed your methods, you will place your data in a Data Matrix in Excel. Then, you will create a Figure for your Findings section. You will write up what you found: what is the effect of X on Y.


After that, you will find at least 1 peer-reviewed sociological scientific article that helps you identify why a pattern might exist between your X and Y. After you locate that article, write up a very short literature review (a paragraph) that  suggests that there will be a pattern between your X and Y. Place that citation in your text and create a Reference section.


Finally, write  very short introduction and conclusion.


(ASA format).







centers for Disease Control (CDC) – Link to immunizations


Research Project

The final paper will include an introduction, literature review, data and methods, findings, conclusion and reference section. Please use my handout “Format of Most Sociological Papers” for specific information that is required to be included in each section. Format_of_most_sociological_papers.pdf


Below, I have provided a check list to be sure that you have included the most important elements of each section.


What is the research question and why is it important?

Introduce your key variables.



(Each student must find and include at least 1 peer-reviewed article to support their research)

(Do not call this section “Literature Review”. Instead, name it something about the relationship between your variables. Look at other articles for examples).

What is the research topic?

Why is it important?

Do you propose an hypothesis? If so, state it.

Each student is required to find (and include) at least 1 applicable scientific article in this section. (Remember to cite it in the body of the essay (Last name year), and in the REFERENCE section using ASA format:  Link (Links to an external site.)



You must use secondary data from a legitimate website — if you want to use a site not on my list you must get prior approval (no exceptions).

Define measures and unit of analysis



Describe how will you conduct your study.



Describe what you found. Does it support your hypothesis? Rejected? Theory holds? Refuted?

Each analysis MUST have at least one graphic representation of the findings (table or figure).



Synthesize your research with existing knowledge.



In addition to the literature I provide, you must locate and incorporate 1 article in your project.

ASA format only (Links to an external site.)


The Process of the Group Research Paper

Each student is responsible to collaborate on one final paper that contains each of the above elements (intro, literature review, data/methods, findings, conclusion, and references).

Each student is responsible to conduct original research using secondary data. The research should employ a comparison of at least two variables. What you compare is up to you.

You MAY NOT use a report or study for your paper – this is plagiarism (see my syllabus for policy). You must design and produce your own study.

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