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In this course, you had an opportunity to examine some of the specific areas in which human services professionals intervene in the lives of families and children to help keep children safe. Throughout the term, you used the readings, videos, and websites to do research in your specific area targeting specific populations. You also developed strategies throughout the term that could improve the condition of children who receive services. In some units, you were asked to reflect on your role as a human service professional. One of the most important aspects of your job is the knowledge of what services are available for your clients. For your final assignment for the class, you will be building upon the ideas you presented in your Unit 4 and Unit 6 Assignments. In Unit 4, you identified a social problem affecting your community. In Unit 6, you evaluated the problem by comparing interventions in other countries, summarizing interventions available in your community, and looked closer at an agency in your community that is working to help children and families who are experiencing this social problem. This week, based on the knowledge you have gathered, you will create an ethical intervention that serves children and families in your community. You are going to design a Word pamphlet (using the pamphlet template provided in Microsoft Word) that will be used to educate others about the new intervention you have designed for the social problem that you have spent time researching in this course. Use one of the pamphlet templates in Microsoft Word to create a visually appealing handout to members of your community. The goal of this assignment is to educate clients and the community about the social problem you have selected and the new intervention solution that you have designed to combat the social problem. Please ensure your submission includes accurate information, based on your research, and addresses the following: 1. Describe the nature of the social problem: Include facts about its impact within the community (ex. Number or percentage of people affected, any recent growth/decline in numbers, types of resources currently available, etc.). Examine and discuss how the social problem impacts members across multiple cultures within your community. Evaluate factors that perpetuate the problem in the community, and what needs exist to address the problem. 2. Describe your intervention: Discuss how you have applied at least three of the National Organization for Human Services standards to your responsibilities with clients. These should be used in your ethical and professional decision making process when designing your intervention solution. Explain how your intervention will appropriately address the existing need(s) and fills the gap within the community. Describe how your intervention seeks to assist and benefit diverse members within the community. 3. Describe your role as a Human Services Professional: Use what you have learned in this course about multiculturalism and diversity to present details on how you (as a human service professional) would apply this information to serve diverse cultures across your community. Address at least two ways in which your own ethical reasoning and decision-making was used in the creation and justification of your intervention solution. Assignment Guidelines Your pamphlet should use 12-point Times New Roman font and be written in Standard English. You are required to use APA formatting and citation style when referencing any resources used. You should also carefully proofread your Assignment before turning it in so that it is free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Be sure to use the resources available to you through the Purdue Global Writing Center, which can be found by clicking “My Studies” and then “Academic Success Center” from your Campus Home Page. In addition to live tutoring, the Writing Center has ongoing student workshops, a Writing Reference Library, and many other helpful learning resources. For information regarding 6th Edition APA formatting and citation style, please refer to “Academic Tools” in your course. Please thoroughly review the information provided in these resources. This Assignment is assessed by the following course level outcomes: HN370-4: Create ethical interventions using standards outlined by the National Organization for Human Services to serve children and families. PC-4.2: Demonstrate an understanding of how one’s perspective toward multiculturalism and diversity impacts an organization.

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Social Problems and Community Interventions Assignment | Essay Help Services
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