Social Emotional Learning Assignment | College Homework Help

Based on the video or your described interaction, answer the following prompts a minimum of a one-page essay paper or in a bulleted question-answer list. Be sure to support your ideas with resources.

What strategies did the caregiver use to bond with the child? How did these strategies support a trusting relationship with the child?
Were there missed opportunities to return the child’s attempts at communication and interactions? If so, explain these opportunities and how the child’s serve could have been returned. If not, provide your general thoughts on how the educator returned the child’s attempts at communication.
Describe whether or not you think this experience was planned for ahead of time in the curriculum planning process. Why or why not? Explain what this lesson plan might have looked like or (if not planned), how the educator capitalized on a teachable moment.
How did you feel when watching the video or reflecting on your personal scenario? How might your emotions influence your teaching practice?

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Social Emotional Learning Assignment | College Homework Help
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