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Use your Culture and Identity text to complete the following:

Section IV, “Social Class,” pages 203–206.
Chapter 12, “Katie’s Story: Catholic and Jewish? How Can it Be?,” pages 243–266.
Chapter 13, “Malia’s Story: Am I American,” pages 267–283.
Section VI, “Sexual Orientation,” pages 331–336.
Chapter 16, “Karen’s Story: Midlife Growing Pains,” pages 337–356.
Capella Library
Use the Capella Library to locate and take the following assessment:

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Skill Assessment Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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Burkard, A. W., Pruitt, N. T., Medler, B. R., & Stark-Booth, A. M. (2009). Lesbian, gay and bisexual working aliance self-efficacy scales. Psyctests. doi:10.1037/t00319-000
Use the Capella Library to read the following article:

Khoury, D., & Manuel, J. I. (2016). Development and validation of a measurement of multicultural competence toward Arab Americans. Best Practices in Mental Health, 12(1), 43–60. Retrieved from
Internet Resources
Use the Internet to complete the following:

Navigate to the following site: Project Implicit. Once on the site, click the link in the Social Attitudes box and the Preliminary Information page appears. This page explains that this is an ongoing research project being conducted at Harvard University. Click the link I wish to proceed and when you are taken to the next page, select Arab-Muslim IAT. This will give you access to the survey.
Learning Components
This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Review personal narratives and experiences related to social class, religion, and sexual orientation.
Toggle Drawer
[u07d1] Unit 7 Discussion 1
Skill Assessment
Discuss your experiences taking the the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Working Alliance Self-Efficacy Scale and the Arab-Muslim IAT:

What strengths and weaknesses are revealed in the scale and assessment?
Revisit your response to the Unit 1 discussion question “How does your identity align with the Thomas and Schwarzbaum discussion of oppression? Explain how your identity and experiences with oppression are connected to your scores on the scale and assessment.
Response Guidelines

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