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Write a Python program: Create a login and menu to a company intranet system that requires users (employees) to enter a username and password in order to view a menu of options (such as Time Reporting, Accounting, IT Helpdesk, Engineering Documents, etc. ).

Technical requirements:

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Simple Python Code Assignment | College Homework Help
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  1. Plaintext usernames/passwords/access level stored in a csv (or text) file
  2. Create three different access levels (roles for different users). For example, User A should have access to all menu items (‘admin’ access), while User B has limited access (no Accounting or Engineering Documents), etc.
  3. Once logged in the user should be able to select different menu options with a number input (for example, “press 1 for the Time Reporting area”, “press 2 for the Accounting area”, etc.).
  4. When a user enters a menu area they have access to, a simple message similar to ‘You have now accessed the accounting application’ is sufficient to indicate a successful demonstration of the access control (no need to build out any actual accounting functionality). Likewise, if a user does not have the appropriate access level to view a menu area, the program should display a ‘You are not authorized to access this area.’ message and provide an option to return them to the main menu.
  5. Good programming practices: Must adhere to Python PEP8 style guide (refer to style guide reference PDF posted in this module). Reasonable amount of error/exception handling. Must organize code into functions (no duplicate code!). Well-documented. Written in Python 3. No GUI necessary, this should be a command menu driven program.

Please submit a compressed folder containing all of the files associated with your assignment, as well as instructions for testing your program. Note: you will be adding functionality to this system in a subsequent assignment, so take your time and plan out your design.

Submit (compressed folder containing all of the following):

  1. All project files (.py, .csv or .txt, etc.)
  2. Detailed README.txt file including a description of your program and testing instructions


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