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Briefly describe your OPSEC plan that focuses on how you would oversee and conduct operations planning, briefings, and debriefings in the event of a terrorist attack. Describe the director’s role in the OPSEC plan and how the director will accomplish the tasks.

Following OPSEC five steps, the first step is to identify sensitive data (FCC, 2015). Sensitive data includes financial data, product information, intellectual property, and employee and customer information. This information is key to the organization and must be protected. Step two is to identify threats. Sensitive data can be breached by hackers and insider threats like employees. Understanding the threats will help shape the plan. In step three, the organization assesses its current safeguards to identify any potential gaps that could be exploited by internal or external threats.

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Security Leadership Plan Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Once the risks are identified, they are appraised for their level of impact on the organization. Risks are organized based on the threat level. The most dangerous threats are ranked the highest while threats that cannot be mitigated are ranked the lowest. Once all the risks have been identified and ranked, the last step is to put countermeasures in place to properly mitigate the risks (FCC, 2015). For external threats, the company will need to put in place the proper safeguards. This includes implementing a security measure to protect information systems. Information systems will be protected through encryption, firewalls, security patches, antiviral software (FCC, 2015).

Along with external threats, the organization must plan for internal threats. Disgruntled employees or employees who are negligent pose a major threat to the company’s sensitive data. To prevent internal threats, the company must have clear policies and procedures in place concerning the use of company information systems. Internet use and social media policies provide specific guidance for employees. Employees must be trained on the policies, security practices, and informed of the consequences of failing to follow the policies. To measure the performance of the security plan, a model, such as the ISP 10×10M, is an effective tool (Bernick &Prislan, 2016). It consists of ten critical success factors used to measure security performance.

Threats to company information systems can be internal or they can come from external threats from across the globe. Minimizing data security breaches begins with an effective global security strategy. The new organization will create an effective plan by following the steps of OPSEC. The five-step process begins to identify sensitive data followed by identifying the risks. Identifying and ranking the risk is essential for proper mitigation and developing a comprehensive security plan. Once the plan is in place, its performance should be measured to ensure the plan is effective.

Countries like, Liberia, Mexico, and Iraq, which we are trying to establish diplomatic relations, treaties, and international trade agreements have their different unique security challenges.  Therefore, it is imperative we practice excellent Operational Security (OPSEC) by identifying and analyzing our actions which tie into, or are related to, our business.  Recognizing activities which can be observed and examined by threat actors must be controlled.  Small pieces of information which seem mindless or unharmful can be patched together to reveal crucial information which could threaten employees or resources.  OPSEC is a continual process that never stops and must be practiced will all missions in our oversees departments.

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