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This is the second of three assignments that, as a whole, will cover all aspects of the project life cycle relevant to your selected project.
Assume that your project sponsor has reviewed the project proposal and has asked that you make some changes to it. For the purposes of this assignment, consider your professor’s feedback to be your project sponsor’s review comments.

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Revised Project Proposal Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Write a 4–6 page paper in which you:
Provide a brief summary of your project.
Update the goals and objectives based upon your project sponsor’s feedback, and add two more goals and objectives. (Use your professor’s feedback to update your goals and objectives.)
Describe at least three key milestones and/or deliverables for your project.
Describe a high-level timeline that includes key tasks and deadlines.
Estimate the project’s overall cost and any key staffing and non-staffing resources needed.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Revise a project plan so that it clarifies objectives, specifies deliverables, timelines, and costs, and aligns with stakeholder needs.









Na’Taya Horn

Professor Baker

Project Management

April 30th,2020




Internet Service Provider Company

Summary of the Project

The project will include the distribution and provision of internet services across the United States. The company has aimed to be the best internet provider, with clients expected to pay $20 every month. This project will also entail upgrading all clients’ internet strength from 20 Mbps to 25 Mbps. The plan ensures that residents receive a higher-speed network, with the projected expected to gain more clients given the 25 Mbps network connectivity. A wide variety of connections, including DSL, cable, fiber, and satellite options will be made available, with prices remaining stagnant. The company will ensure that all resources necessary are provided to facilitate the success and completion of the project.

Goals and Objectives

The main goal of this project is to provide quality internet services, DSL service, and Web hosting to all small and large clients. The project will create solutions for customers based on their technical and business requirements and modifying these solutions according to the specification of the customers. Unlike other ISPs, the project will utilize its highly reliable sources and responsive networks to implement in improving network solutions. The project will use copper wire, satellite, fiber-optics to provide internet access to customers. The project will be driven to provide customers with complete solutions on their current and future private and network needs. The objective of this project will be to increase communication and research and development facilities in the US by providing fast and efficient internet service. It also aims at hosting, marketing, and developing websites and offering a variety of services such as dedicated access and home users, thus help to advance business solutions.

Project Management Structure

The project will rely on flexible, powerful business management techniques, with it integrating the matrix environment to facilitate effective communication as well as completion of the activities necessary in the internet distribution. Again, as the project manager, I will report to the stakeholders and the company executives, guaranteeing that the project runs smoothly. Again, discipline will be critical among the teams to guarantee efficiency in completing all projects as scheduled. In the matrix environment, project managers’ have little authority on employees, given the crossed organizational boundaries. The project will rely on multiple individuals, including sponsors, company executives, as well as the project team, to guarantee the achievement of its expected goals and outcomes. All processes within the project must be aligned with the objectives and goals explored to guarantee the positive outcomes of the project.

Matrix Structure

A matrix structure and a dedicated team are critical for the success of this project. A strong matrix structure will be critical during the middle and final phases of the project, especially during the installation processes to guarantee that every activity is conducted perfectly and as expected. The strong matrix encourages a competent and dedicated project manager, with similar attributes of project teams existing. In this case, I will ensure that the project budget is allocated effectively, with the purchase of all equipment necessary for its success.


The key customers for this project will be individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, independent chains or hotels, educational institutions, and government organizations. Therefore, these customers will play a major role in the project as they will assist in making decisions on how to operate. The customers will influence the quality of the internet that the project will offer as they might give existing problems on the internet in their regions. The project needs to satisfy the internet needs of target customers and solve existing internet problems in the US. Enterprise consumers often consider efficient internet access a key factor in the operation and success of their business.  They often demand high speed and dedicated internet access and prompt, knowledgeable, and often highly technical customer care service. Enterprise consumers are often less price-sensitive, thus willing to pay for premium service; therefore, the project will be driven to provide quality internet service that meets the price paid. The provision of quality internet services to enterprise business will guarantee more significant revenues and higher profits for the project. The project, as a result, will focus on creating the best solutions that meet the needs of these customers. The project will involve information technology and customers’ management teams to analyze the internet needs of customers and create a solution to address the existing problems.


The two main stakeholders of this project include the sponsors and the distributers. The two play very critical roles in facilitating the onset, development, and success of the project. In this case, the distributers include manufacturers and producers of equipment necessary for internet installation and upgrading. Sponsors are entitled to ensuring that the project attains the funds needed for its growth and serial in the market, also guaranteeing the expansion of its services and activities across the nation. Sponsors will include the government, private institutions and entities, and organizational executives to ensure that they fully fund the completion of the project. All funds will help develop projects and ideas to stimulate faster achievement of the objectives and goals. The other sponsors are distributers that will be effective in ensuring that the company has enough resources necessary for the conclusion of internet connectivity. Some of the internet connection equipment critical for the success of the project will include DSL mod3ems, broadband filters, NAT Router and Firewalls, ICSs, a network switch, Network Bridge, and computer firewalls. The distributers are also liable for the overall cost of operation, with it reflecting on the value implied on the end client. In this case, the two stakeholders are regarded as very essential for the success of the project, hence their maximum contribution and efforts required to foresee its completion.


Overall, the project aims at achieving its main goals and objectives and ensuring that all employees and clients are fully satisfied with the services provided by the project. The company is also dedicated to ensuring that they provide quality and effective care to the clients. The team involved in the project also aims at ensuring that all individuals communicate and cooperate to achieve the success of all projects in the short run and long run. As the project manager, I will also work with the executives in the company to ensure that all processes and activities required for the completion of the project are successful. It is the primary mission of the project to continue providing quality services to the clients, with the internet being cost-effective and always available to clients at a strong connectivity strength. This way, the company will be able to achieve its success in the end over the next couple of years.





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