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Key Terms in Relevant Literature


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G&G chapter 4, pp. 43-50. Again, consider the literature review articles published by your peers as an outcome of taking this course (Gomez, Pecina, Villanueva, & Huber, 2020, in press; Guillen-Ramos & Huber, 2020; Madriaga & Huber, 2019; Martinez & Huber, 2019; Morales & Huber, 2020; Salazar & Huber, 2018; Rios-Sobrevilla & Huber, 2019; Villanueva & Huber, 2019). Review the tables of key terms and definitions.

Submission Instructions:

1. Create a table defining at least five (5) key terms in your literature review. List the terms in alphabetical order in the first column. The purpose of the terms table is to ensure you are applying the definitions provided by the scholars you are reviewing. Since your goal is to show how these terms are defined in the studies you are reviewing, use direct quotes with citations. Use APA (2020) citation format to document specific definitions or details (see, for example, Rios-Sobrevilla & Huber, 2019, p. 30, Table 1; or Gomez, Pecina, Villanueva, & Huber, 2020, in press, Table 1, for an example of an APA, 2020 format of the terms table of definitions).

2. Write a detailed explanation of why these terms are important to comprehending the topic of your literature review. For instance, when a word or phrase is defined differently by different authors, determine which definition you will be using and why. In your paragraph of explanation about the terms, you must send the reader to the table, for instance: (see Table #). The paragraph precedes the table in the text of your paper (see, for example, Gomez, Pecina, Villanueva, & Huber, 2020, in press, Table 1).
3. Provide APA (2020) direct quotes with citations (including author(s), year, page number) and full references with persistent links.

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