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Evaluate a source that you plan to use for a research project. Explain what type of source you have (website? journal article? book? newspaper article?), and declare your source to be credible or not, using the following criteria:
1. Author’s credentials. First of all, are the authors named? Can you find out anything about them, like
degrees and professional information? If you cannot find anything, how does that affect credibility? If
you can find information, how does that information show credibility or lack of it?
2. Publication information and process. Was the article or book peer reviewed? Was it online or in print?
Did you find it through a database or a Google search? Who funded publication? Explain what the
results of these questions tell you about the source’s credibility.
3. The use of support. Does the source have footnotes or endnotes? A bibliography? Links to different articles? In other words, how carefully is the author trying to back up his or her claims?

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Research Assignment | Get Paper Help
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