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Write a research report, which reports the research you undertook, the results and the conclusions. You should also include a section in which you reflect on the success or otherwise of the approach you took to solving the problem, with some identification of how you might choose to do things differently the next time you carry out a research project.
Your research report should include:
• Some background information on the problem you have been researching
• A discussion of your research methods
• A discussion of your findings and results
• The conclusions you have reached
• An evaluation of the success of your chosen research method
• A reference list, including the publications you sourced for your literature review and any other publications you have used during your research
• An appendix containing any relevant research material such as completed questionnaires, interview transcripts etc

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Problem based report whichintroduces a problem connectedtoyourchose are of study


Pilotsandevaluations of their performance



  1. Introduction:


1.1 Report aim

The aim of thisprojectwasaboutfindingtheessentialinformationaboutpilotsandhowcansomemeasurements of their performance notbetotallycertain.

Both the report anditsfindings it isaimingtogive an idea aboutwhat it needstobecome a future pilot andevaluatessomemeasurements of pilots performance.



1.2 Topic area


Eachairlines company, withits training andtechnologysystem, canbedescribed in twowords: quality andsafety. Thereis a set of instructionthateachaviation company followedandthathasseveralmeasurementsandevaluation for futurepilots. The candidates are verifiedbytestsannuallyfromtheirskillsto medical healthinessandtosimulationflights. Allthemeasurements for futurepilots , stewardessandessentialfunctions are validatedbylawandthiswhat made thegreatopinionthattravellershaveaboutairlinesandtheir safe transport.

Thereisvarioustype of testsandmodelsthatevaluatedthe performance of pilots. The evaluation must refer toalso at thebehaviourandnodoubt it must bemeasurableby step to step tobe sure thatthepilots it isready for everything.

But theevaluationshowsthat are nottotallyfeasibleandtherecanbegaspbetweenthescoringandthereality. In this case, theevaluation must concentrate more on theassessorsbecausethere it is a need of seeing more thanscoring. The assessors must assesseverythingandaccordingto a set thatwasframebyexpertsandalsothisperson must bedetachedfromthepersonwhoisevaluated. It must assesstheperson in more stagestobe sure thatalltogether are theperformancesnecessary.





2.Literature Review:


2.1 Pilots performance evaluation of simulatedflithsapproachbyArchanaHebbarandAbhayPashilkar 6 January 2016


HebbarandPashilkar(2016) are trying in theirresearchto explicit thevarious of multiple examinesthateach pilot must do to calculate its performance. At National Aerospace Laboratories more simulations for eachdifferent part of theflightisdone. Eachsimulationistryingtomeasurecorrectlyandsubjective for pilotstoknowwhatto do in emergencysituations. Their performance isinvestigatedfromtheirtasksto a landing or other hard situationlikeflighting on baddingweather. Without more repetition must beended in real lifewithterribleaccidents. Eventhese multiple testingtheresultscannot predetermine thepilot’saptitudes.

Eachpilots performance iscalculatedwithlinkedthedifficulty of its task andthenitsstrategyandacting in theexamination. Itsstresscanmeasureby an  RMSE apparatus. Ifpilotswill deviate fromitsflights it will get a worsescore.

The aircraftisdesignedwithtechnologythat it is made for helpingthe pilot to do its task withsuccessandsafety.

Evenall of thesethere are possibilitiesthatthisevaluationcannotbetrustedand sure.

Each training istryingto evaluate correctlythelevel of pilotsexecutionduringchallenging in-flightandreduction of thepilot’s control plan.


  1. 2Pilot ageandexpertisepredictflight simulator performance

ByJoyTailorandQuinn Kennedy .2007


Taylor and Kennedy in theirwritingsummarizetheresultsfromtheevaluation of 118 pilotswith at an old agebetween 40 to 69 andtheir performance for 3 yearswithoutliningthefactthattheevaluationcannotbetotally sure andthe performance canlower in time. Even at thebeginning, thescoreswerehigh, evaluatedbyexpertswithsuccessfulandcontinuousexecution of theflight, communicationandotherteststhatpilotspassed, thislevel of executionshowedtobelower in time.

The researchwasalso made by a comparisonbetweenyoungerpilotsandolder. Thereweresomecasesthattheyoungerwasbetterthanthe old pilots but thantheolderpilotstookthevictory in theirexecution in trafficanditsavoidance.

Thislongeranddeepknowledge of theirexpertisethattheolderpilotsgainthroughtheirlongexperience compensate withtheirdegradation in some cognitive skills. Sothe impact of age on performance isnotaffected. The evaluator it hasknowledge of thecourse of ageinganditsrelationshipwithexpertiseandknowshowto evaluate each pilot bymakingmeasurementsdifferent at eachage.

The computer withtheflight simulator calculatedthescore of each pilot byconsideringhowmanytimes it deviatesfromorientation, airspeed, altitudeandalsotheirresponses in seconds at challengingsituations. The resultswereshowingsomedifferences in regardto performance betweendifferentages. The olderhavesomedeclines but theirexperiencemaketheexecutiontobe in timeandsuccessfully.









ByEsa M. Rantanenand Charles L. Hulin


The measures of pilots performance must be valid andhavecredibility. Becausethere are must informationand practice that it must beevaluatedwithout a rightingevaluation of each element in part in can determine failure.  The criteriaandresults must separatelyandscoringbyalsoexpertsnot just byapparatus. Aftertheresults are verificy more thanonetime it canbesentto FDR.

The education of pilotsregardto an execution in real flight it is made based on a writingandsimulationgroundthatcomeswitheveryinformation for difficultsituationsandwith an expert thatwilltrainthefuturepilots for everyspecifsituationthatwas happening in past.

Additional, are somerequirementsskillsthat play a keypriority in becoming a  future pilot. Therefore, the individual must havecommunicationabilities, thecapacitytobeflexibleaccordingtotimeandalsotheabilitytomake a decisionthatnecessitates an intelligent, mature and solid thinkingunderstress. Also a requirement management skills of controllingtheflight .Fromthe period training topassestheevaluation, having a greeting performance andthen a flyingcareer it is a need of time, determinationandtenacity. The positionhasdownsandrisesabout passing testsannually in terms of execution of a flightsuccessfully,l medical teststhat must bepassedandotherevaluation in terms of skills.





2.4.Cockpit Display of Traffic Information andtheMeasurement of Pilot by

Jacqueline T. Rehmann.February 1982


Cockpit Display of Traffic Information takes more than 100 referencesthatwillsummarize pilot performance. It will include evaluatingbehaviours, thelevel control of pilotsduringsimulatedmediums, automatic measures of physiologicalfeaturesand performance

The resultsshowedthatpilots are reactingcorrectlyandsafetyduringunpredictableevents.

Also, there are question on the performance of thesewithlessthan 250 flighthoursthatmight do somemistakesandhavesomevulnerabilities. The studyalsoshowedthatpilotswith a lowexposure of flighthourattendtocauseerrorsthatmay determine toaccidents.



3.The approachtakenbythecurrentprojecy

3.1 ResearchQuestion

Are sure andaccuratethemeasurementsthatexperts do to test thepilot’s performance?


Duringthehistory, there are someincidentsthat are causedbythepilot’serrors. This big failurecan create a questionandgaspaboutthemeasurementsystemthateach training do for testingfuturepilots. There are significativeevidencethatcreatescredibility but alsosomeincidentsandfailurethatraisethisquestionabouttheaccuracyandvalidity  of thesemeasurements.






The evaluationis drastic because it isabout a big role thateach pilot will play during a flight. The pilot’saptitudeserves for travels as a way of havingsafetyandwell-being transport withnoincidentsandinjuries. Evenallthe test thepilot’s performance canbecomeadjusted in timeandtheevaluationssometimescanbe more significativethanwhat it isthepilot’scapability in reality.



  1. Rehmann, J(1982) TrafficInformatonandtheMeasurement of Pilot. Atlantic City Airport
  2. Pashilkar ,A(2016) Pilots performance evaluation of simulatedflights .National Aerospace Bangalore
  3. Tailor,JandKennedy,Q(2007) Pilot ageandexpertisepredictflight simulator performance. HHS
  4. Rantanen,MandHulin, Charles(2001)Pilots performance evaluation of simulatedfifthsapproach. University of Illinois .



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