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Raising My Daughter to be Gender Free Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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Test #2

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LA 255 Life Span Professor Benjamin Test #2 Chapter 4, 5, 6 Please answer one of the following questions. Please utilize our class discussions, your textbook and outside resources to answer the question you have chosen. Please complete your selection in an essay format, 12 inch font, double spaced 3- 4 page minimum.


The due date will be June 21st.


Please submit through the blackboard drop box.


  1. How might a pediatrician advise a parent who is unsure whether raising a child in a bilingual household will benefit or delay the child’s language development?


  1. What advice would you give to a mother who wants her daughter to grow to be gender free in her attitudes, beliefs, and aspirations? (This is the topic of essay).


  1. Imagine you are a preschool teacher and the parents of one of your students ask how their preschool daughter could get along better with peers. What advice would you give them?


Material used in course – Essentials of Human Development (A Life-Span View) 2nd Edition Robert V. Kail and Robert C. Cavanaugh

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