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A project about discrimination .Talk about some of the difficulties I have encountered due to the fact that people associated me with all the bad things that citizens coming from my country were doing. I put all the Ideas I want to talk about in this project on a word document. Thank you

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Racism Discrimination Assignment | Cheap Essay Help
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Create a story about discrimination, racism
Talk about discrimination and issues that we can encounter because of that.
Write about all the issues I had when I came in this country,
How so many times while I was doing my job, I found it difficult to tell to my patients from which country I am from. Coming from an East European country was always an issue.
How patients refused to be treated by me because my nationality. How they were associating me with all the illegalities that other people from my country were doing.
Why Asians and people from Africa are more exposed to racism. (references). why there is always a barrier between ‘’ white ‘’people and them? ( references). Give an example how we can educate people regarding this issue
What is happening to the healthcare in relation to healthcare, politically
Place myself in centre of it. consider myself but also views of others.
Fighting for my believes. Fighting for their believes.
How racism affects the healthcare professionals.
Can we as healthcare professionals decline to care for a person that has discriminated us in a way or another? Are there any protocols to do so? Where? References.
Explain how racism affects the healthcare department.
Explaining people that only together we can make a better world. (referencing maybe)
Think about how the government can fight the discrimination.
Think about different modalities on how we can change people perception.
,,Discrimination doesn’t make u a better person’’
A conclusion based on the findings.
Maybe use Rolfe reflective model : What? So what? Now what?

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