Public Speaking- Student Speech Analysis Assignment | Get Homework Help

Watch the sample student video I will provide, you will then write a two to three-page paper evaluating this speech as if you were the professor. You may find the informative speech rubric helpful for this, I will include it in files.

In order to keep your paper organized and focused, please comment on the following concepts:

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Public Speaking- Student Speech Analysis Assignment | Get Homework Help
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Speech Introduction: Was the introduction effective? What device did the speaker use to get the audience’s attention? Was there a clear preview of his/her main points of the speech? How did the speaker establish credibility?

Body and Signposts: Was the body well developed and clear? What was the transition from the introduction to the body? What were the main points of his/her speech? Did the speaker cite sources in their speech, if so what were the sources? What signposts were present?

Speech conclusion: Was the conclusion effective? How did the speaker indicate they were finishing their speech? Did the speaker recap their main points?

Overall Impressions: Please give your opinion of the speech, including what was done well and what areas need improvement.

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