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The purpose of this assignment is to think about the speech as a whole.
Write a paper (a) describing, (b) analyzing and (c) evaluating a speech. Each analysis paper
should be written in essay format. Papers should be a minimum of 2-3 pages (APA Format,
double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point Font, 1-inch margins). I’ll grade you on content and
how well you understand the course material covered in Barry Brummett’s textbook, your
reasoning, and how well you synthesize material, as well as grammar and mechanics.
In the introductory paragraph briefly explain who is speaking and why.
In the body of the analysis, include:
• the context of the event;
• an explanation of the speech’s historical background;
• an explanation of the primary and secondary audiences of the speech; and an explanation
of the structure of the speech.
• What information is used? Facts? Opinions? Inferences?
• Is the information adequate to meet the needs of the audience?
• Who is the audience? Analyze at least three strategies used by the speaker to meet the
needs of the audience at the event (audience analysis).
• Is this an example, as per Chapters 1 and 2 in Rhetoric in Popular Culture, of a discrete
or diffuse text?
• Evaluate the success of the event; what the purpose of the speech was; if the speakers’
purpose was achieved and how do you know if it was achieved.
In the conclusion, discuss what you took away from the speech. How did the speaker affect you?
What did you take away from the speech? It’s okay if the speech didn’t move you or you thought
it terrible; however, it’s your duty to explain why.
REMEMBER: You must cite Brummett to get full credit.
Finally, do not merely summarize the speech. I’ve watched it. I’ve listened to it. Answer the
questions. Use crisp topic sentences at the top of each paragraph making an argument you will
defend in that paragraph using Brummett. Assignment Submission Guidelines
**Submit your paper to TURNITIN.COM and Grademark Through the Blackboard
Dropbox Link**
• Review the detailed Turnitin instructions on how to submit your assignments and how to
review the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor.
• All written assignments must be submitted to Turnitin Dropboxes by the posted deadline.
Assignments submitted by any other means will not be accepted.
• Turnitin drop boxes will be available within the Assignment Dropbox link off the course tools
menu on the left hand side of the page within Blackboard.
• Within one week after the assignment’s deadline has passed, you will receive written feedback
on your assignment. The written comments on your assignment are accessible using the
GradeMark function within your assignment submission.
• Late submissions excused with a doctor’s note will only be accepted for a maximum of two
days past deadline.

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