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Psychology of the Life Span Assignment | Online Assignment Help
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Lifespan Psychology LA-255 Professor Benjamin


Final Paper/Presentation

Throughout our semester, we have discussed in great detail of various factors contribute to the shaping of characteristics and personalities of children. We have discussed factors such as parenting styles, household dynamic, socioeconomic status (SES), classroom management and learning/behavioral problems within our student body.


Grading: For this final project there will be two grades. I will look at the cohesiveness of your paper and presentation; how well you organized your thoughts, understood the question and assessing your research. The two grades will be based on your presentation and written research paper.


  • Our Final Research Papers will be due July 29, 2020. We will begin our power point presentations the week of July 20th.


INSTRUCTIONS: In your research please utilize scholarly journals, credible websites, and your classroom textbook. Please complete in APA format, include a bibliography, abstract, double spaced, 1 inch margin and 12 inch font/Times New Roman. Minimum pages 10 (inclusive of abstract page and bibliography).Power point should be 6-7 pages, summary of key points about topic and research.  Presentation should intrigue your audience and keep them wanting to know more!


For your final paper, you will choose a topic to discuss. With research, you will answer ONE of the following questions:


** Discuss the grief process? How as healthcare professionals would you explain death to a young adult (age range 9-15)? Why do you believe some households do not speak about death and the grieving process? Why would other households speak on this topic? In your opinion, do you believe death and grief should be a household discussion or a school discussion? Further explain as a healthcare provider how would you encourage this conversation between families and young adults from the varying socioeconomic status groups we have spoken about in our class discussions **.


APA 12P Double spaced

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