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Choose ONE of these documentaries. Write a reflection report of 2-3 pages. Use the questions below to help you write this reflection report. Jane Elliott -Racism and Discrimination

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Psychology Assignment | Get Homework Help
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Order Essay (optional second part) Jane Elliott Discrimination and Racism The Lobotomist Mental Institution- The mad house

What is the central claim/argument of the documentary? What are the key concepts, principal purpose? What is this documentary trying to teach? Do you agree or disagree with the message? Why, Why not? What are your emotions/feelings relating to this documentary? Do you think is ethical to do this type of procedures? What impact does it seek to achieve upon its audience? Would you describe the major issues and stories as essential important? Why? Why not? To what extent did the documentary leave you with a sense of involvement, hope, excitement, indifference, despair, or maybe with a mixture of such feeling? Why? What essential areas, topics, and perspectives are missing in this documentary (if any), Why? Did the documentary tell “the truth”? Does the documentary demonstrate clearly-biased or unbiased perspective?

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