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During class and in your textbook you are presented with various ‘facts’ about human sexuality. These ‘facts’ are not just drawn from mainstream culture and someone’s ideas and theories, they are instead the author of your textbook synthesizing the scientific findings and conclusion of various research studies on the topic. The science discussed comes from these peer-reviewed research articles, that sometimes are great, valid, contributions to the field, sometimes not. The quality of the research studies depends on many factors, but often research that is poorly conceived or poorly done may reach conclusions that are not valid. As a consumer/student of psychology, you should look critically at the research you read to explore the article’s credibility and analyze its claims. To decide whether or not a research paper is credible, you should ask yourself questions about how the study was done. For this homework assignment you need to use the CCP ONLINE LIBRARY DATABASE to find a recent (2017 onward) peer-reviewed research article about something related to human sexuality (REALLY YOU CAN CHOOSE ANYTHING as a suggestion, try to be as specific as possible, maybe orgasms & brain; penis size & culture; pornography & adolescents; psychology & HIV testing) and “summarize” the article in these bullet points for an upload….

Reference in APA format for article… you should have at minimum: Authors (date) Title. Journal.
What is the main purpose/question of the research study?
Describe the study’s sample: What types of people are being studied? Who are the specific participants in the study? How were the participants in this research study selected? Are they the right participants to study based on the purpose of this research study? Why or why not?
What type of study was this? How was the data collected and analyzed for the study (see if you can at least find the MAIN research method?
In your opinion, what is the most important research finding? Is it consistent with anything presented in your textbook? What is the practical use for these research findings? And where does this research go from here… Any future research directions/questions you think should be considered?
For the last answer, briefly look at the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct specifically section 8 on research and publication

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Identify ONE of these points in section 8 that you saw applied sufficiently in your research study.
Identify ONE of these points in section 8 that you think was possibly violated/overlooked in your research study.

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