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NOW for this assignment:

1. Read this article that appeared in the APA monitor giving a bit more information about the sexual arousal. It rephrases from research about sexual arousal and the impact of cognition and more specifically the differences between men and women when we start to study this link. There is no reference list though, [check the back of your textbook, all your textbook is, is a rephrase of tons of research papers and books, all neatly referenced throughout the text, each ‘source’ referenced in a long list at the end…] how do we know who these researchers are, if the rephrases are correct, if the author is embellishing, making misstatements, if there is more to the study than rewritten in 2-3 sentences?

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Psychology Assignment | College Homework Help
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2. Review this file – it gives a step-by-step how-to on using the CCP library to find psychology peer reviewed journal articles. Using this, TRACE back on of the research studies/ statements made in the article. [When you find it, SAVE a copy of the article on your computer as you will need to upload it for this assignment!]

Now, compose a short paragraph (about 200–500 words) responses to….

A. Tell me how you know the article you found is the one rephrased or mentioned in the APA monitor article. [There are many different journal articles all mentioned throughout here, pick one! How? Pick a statement, a name of the researcher, institution, dates, etc. and try to find what the writer for the APA read and rewrote] In your opinion, from reading the APA article AND ‘reading’ (you don’t need to read it all!) the article you found as a match… In your opinion, did the APA article do the study justice, i.e. is the rephrase true? Anything in the article you found that you think is important to add/ know that the APA article did not mention?

B. In your own words, what is the importance of understanding and being able to access the original (what we often call primary source) journal article/s?

C. Although the chapters so far have not dealt with sexual arousal in depth, this chapter gives some of the pioneering research by Master and Johnson on this topic. Look at that section again, jump ahead to the chapter on sexual expression for a bit more. And, with this bit of new knowledge on this chapter give me one new thing you learned about sexual arousal you did not know before this assignment. In other words, rephrase the ONE ‘coolest, weirdest, newest, strangest, most fascinating, etc.’ new piece of knowledge you have about sexual arousal. But again, short and sweet, and just ONE new thing 🙂

D. Attach the study you found to your post AND provide an APA reference for it (Check the extra resources in modules – just below the syllabus you will find a link to ‘my expectation for a paper’ – use this to help you format that APA reference – you don’t have to be perfect at it, but you do need to try)

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