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1. You will find a self portrait from a successful artist working in either photography, video, painting, mixed media, or sculpture that uses the body as material (in other words, where either the face or part of the body is depicted) and you will use it to create your own self portrait. But it can’t simply be your attempt to copy it, but take it as a jumping off point and make your image that is clearly in relationship with it, but with your own take on it. The image you find needs to be from an artist that is successful – has been studied, has had exhibitions, is known in the larger mainstream (not just on Instagram, no selfies, etc.).

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2. You will create your own self portrait, but instead of using your self as material, you will use materials out in the world to represent some aspect of your identity, mood, character, etc. In other words: a landscape, an object, etc – but it cannot be represented through human material, either that of yourself or others. And it can’t be an image of someone else’s artwork.

3. You will write a minimum five page response where you will discuss why you chose the image you did, how you extended it to express something deeper about yourself in the process, and what you believed the original image was trying to communicate, as well as what you were/are trying to communicate about yourself as well. In addition, you’ll also discuss the second image you’ve made, and why you chose the materials/etc that you did and what you were hoping it would evoke in viewers.

You can make your images in: photography, video, sculpture, mixed media, etc. Please include your images EMBEDDED within the text

“I chose the image of nipsey hussle because that album cover spoke volumes. The reason I chose the images I did for my self portrait was because it describes where Im came from and how i was raised a little bit. Coming from New Orleans we were taught to respect God and believe in God but we had all these negatives things around us holding us back. Thats why i have the bible . The Microphone and radio describes my passion for music. The airplane describes my passion for traveling and wanting to get away from New Orleans and the cigrattes pack and gun is just some of the negative things you see growing up in the ghetto. Please if you need more from me just let me know.

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