Prepare the necessary docs. for a legal scenario Assignment | Top Essay Writing

Prepare the necessary docs. for a legal scenario.


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Prepare the necessary docs. for a legal scenario Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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Please prepare the necessary documents for Shaun Dixon based on the facts given:

Shaun Dixon, age 30 and Teri Spencer, age 25 have lived together for 5 years, though not legally joined. Teri has a daughter, Kelli, age 4, of whom Shaun is not the biological father. Teri has recently been involved in automobile accident that has left her a paraplegic. Shaun wants to continue caring for both Teri and Kelli as their legal custodian.  Teri only has 2 living relatives, her twin sister, Tori, and an aunt on her mother’s side, Jackie Slade.  Aunt Jackie has always been close to her nieces. Teri and Tori share a great affection for each other as well.  Kelli Spencer’s biological father is Cortino Paredes. Cortino visits Kelli often. However, he and Teri have never gone to court to establish parental rights.

All parties live in Los Angeles County, Aunt Jackie in La Crescenta, Tori in Glendale, and Cortino in Pasadena. Shaun and Teri share a home in Los Angeles at 6824 Raulston Road. Shaun and Teri have resided at this address since 2015. All are gainfully employed. As Shaun is an attorney he will pursue his intentions without employing other legal assistance. Shaun and Teri have never felt marriage necessary and do not wish to marry simply to realize Shaun’s intentions. Neither believes that giving Shaun Power of Attorney provides the proper security.

Your documents do not need to include a certificate of assignment nor a case cover sheet. For any other data needed such as birth dates, income, or other addresses you may use your imagination as long as you stay within established parameters.

All legal documents will be filed in the Superior Court, Central Branch.


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