Prepare a presentation to the City Officials.

Crime is at an all-time high in the City of Crimetown, USA. City Officials are determined to reduce crime and have already allocated money for more police officers. They have additional funds and want to allocate a portion to the crime laboratory of Crimetown Police Department. You and your fellow co-workers at the crime laboratory have been asked to prepare a presentation to the City Officials. The City is considering allocating additional funds to one forensic unit within the crime laboratory this year and they wish to gain a better understanding of the functions of the unit  and why this unit would be the most helpful in solving crime.

Select one (1) specialized unit within a contemporary crime lab and prepare an 8 page paper (content) addressing the functions of the unit, the importance of the particular forensic examinations within the unit,  and how the unit will help investigators solve crime. I recommend using real life case examples and statistics to bolster your argument.

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Prepare a presentation to the City Officials.
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Your paper should be 7-8  pages in length (not including your title and reference pages), written in 7th ed. APA format (title page, running head, abstract and separate reference page) and include at least 5 scholarly references.

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