Political science.

Subject: Political science


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TEXAS GOVERNMENT – 2306 FALL, 2020 During the Cold War, military installations in Texas expanded rapidly. These installations included Army bases, Air Force bases, and joint operation bases located in remote areas and within the political borders of some of Texas’ largest cities. As a result of the expansion of large military installations, these cities, large and small, were faced with the need to expand infrastructure, services, and resource allocation. Assume the role of a local administration of a hypothetical city. You have been advised that a military installation within your political borders is expected to expand by 50%. Develop solutions to the following concerns raised by citizens within your city: • Citizens have raised concerns with respect to the need for increased police and fire service to accommodate the expected increase in population. • Existing roads leading to and from the military instillation are already becoming congested and citizens are demanding expanded public transportation. • Local schools are 30 years old and in need of updating. The expected increase in population will add additional stress to the aging buildings, accelerating the need for updating. • Current waste management within your city are incapable of accepting the expected increase in solid waste and sewage. Expansion of waste management facilities will require coordination with a neighboring city. • Your city’s water supply, a local reservoir, requires dredging and updates to its intake facilities to accommodate population growth. Your proposed response to each concern should account for funding, additional personnel, and other additional factors you deem important. Where appropriate, explain whether or not your proposed solution will required coordination with other political subdivisions, citiebcqs, or the Federal Government.

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