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According to Wendy Brown, neoliberal higher education disciplines individuals to adopt a self-perception founded on:


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Political Science Assignment | Get Homework Help
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Group of answer choices


The self as a “firm,” where experiences are conceptualized as “investments”


The self as a an empty object, where knowledge is “banked” in the “empty container” of the student to be accessed later


The self as a critic, whose function is to identity and articulate weaknesses and problems in society


The self as a vehicle for enlightenment, where education allows people to embrace a deeper form of humanity


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Question 22.9 pts

Donald Kagan’s argument for a patriotic education critiques right and left-wing voices in education. What is his primary critique of right-wing voices?


Group of answer choices


They tend to undermine the concept of a common good by promoting individual economic advantages of education


They fail to balance the need for scientific inquiry with personal political agendas


They are overly rational and insensitive to the diversity of society


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Question 32.9 pts

The primary interest of entrenched power, including complex higher education bureaucracies with diverse and internally competing stakeholders, is generally:


Group of answer choices


Financial gain






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Question 42.9 pts

The liberatory view claims this model of education teaches students to not only become passive receivers of information but passive subjects of authority.


Group of answer choices


The banking model


Classical liberalism


The critical model


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Question 52.9 pts

According to RAINN, how likely are all students to experience sexual assault?


Group of answer choices










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Question 62.9 pts

According to lecture and readings, which group faces the most severe pressures to avoid and consequences for unpopular speech in the academic setting?


Group of answer choices




Celebrity political commentators




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Question 72.9 pts

Which perspective holds that freedom of speech should be centered in higher education because exposing society to ideas, even if damaging, allows society to learn and grow from mistakes and expands the educational process to the general population rather than just experts?


Group of answer choices








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Question 82.9 pts

This feature first helped facilitate the UC’s rise as an elite research institution and later allowed for it to be captured by real estate and finance sector interests:


Group of answer choices


The California Master Plan’s model for promotion of Wall Street


Campus unions


Political autonomy from the governor and state legislature


The pressure of public opinion


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Question 92.9 pts

This perspective defends the liberal arts model by arguing it is necessary for developing the skills required for citizens to participate effectively in democracies, and emphasizes the importance of the humanities in expanding political imagination


Group of answer choices


Critical perspective


Econocentric perspective


Communitarian perspective


Humanist / democratic perspective


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Question 102.9 pts

According to research conducted by Bob Meister, UC tuition is linked to UC Regent’s desire to fund real estate projects and


Group of answer choices


budgetary shortfalls in the university


Increase teaching staff and improve program funding


buying and selling of bonds


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Question 112.9 pts

Which perspective sees the educational process as a vehicle for transcending hierarchies and developing the creative and political capacity of participants, so that teachers are also simultaneously students and students are also simultaneously teachers?


Group of answer choices






Humanist / Democratic




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Question 122.9 pts

What is the primary incentive for those who administer public colleges and universities to raise tuition?


Group of answer choices


Administrators never raise tuition willingly, being primarily concerned with increasing access to colleges


Administrators only raise tuition to make up for budget cuts imposed by the state.


Higher tuition is associated with greater prestige, allowing administrators to raise the profile of their campus(es) by raising tuition


Unlike money from the state, there are fewer restriction on how tuition can be spent


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Question 132.9 pts

According to lecture, what critical dynamic were students able to capture that allowed student protests to lead to the anti-austerity movement?


Group of answer choices


Leveraging defeat to motivate escalating activity


A series of early victories that showed anything was possible


Effective lobbying in Sacramento and Washington DC


The development of compelling research that persuaded students of the rationality of the cause


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Question 142.9 pts

Identifying a networks of interests and political actors linked to an outcome, goal, or reality and determining where “weak” spots exist and how to target them is known as:


Group of answer choices






Power mapping




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Question 152.9 pts

Which perspective places the most emphasis on the contributions groups with differing voices and experiences can make to academic discussions, and prioritizes allowing groups to retain the features that make them unique?


Group of answer choices


Democratic / humanist








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Question 162.9 pts

This system of power manufactures a sense of legitimacy in lieu of leverage direct threats against subjects, producing a critical mass of consent, simultaneously limiting the scale of direct coercive violence while allowing it to be used more intensely against disruptive groups:


Group of answer choices








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Question 172.9 pts

Donald Kagan’s argument for a patriotic education critiques right and left-wing voices in education. What is his primary critique of left-wing voices?


Group of answer choices


They tend to produce criticism of the United States that is not productive


They do not belong in higher education


They promote science over religion, undermining morality


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Question 182.9 pts

While many groups may benefit from rising tuition, which group receives the most direct and tangible benefit?


Group of answer choices




Financiers of student loans






Question 192.9 pts

Is removing financial barriers to college attendance so that admissions decisions are based on merit incompatible with the econocentric view?




Question 202.9 pts

According to Katznelson, public opinion began to shift away from greater public funding of social services in response to:

September 11th




The National Labor Relations Act


The Vietnam War


Question 217 pts

From the communitarian perspective, how does mass education fail?



Question 227 pts

Explain the political dynamics that have enabled public officials (including elected politicians) to continually shift the burden of paying for education from the state to the students



Question 237 pts

What are the three main skills a humanist or democratic education should teach? Hint: These are specific answers from a reading



Question247 pts

What was the political rationale for UCLA students who sabotaged a large pep rally, despite knowing that such an act would be unpopular with other students?


Question 257 pts

Review the two statements:


“Public higher education in the United States should be focused on US citizens, who pay the cost and should benefit from advanced training.”


“Higher education higher education in the United States should admit any qualified person, regardless of citizenship status, based on merit.”


How is it possible for both of these statements to be prescriptively (“the way it should be”) statist?



Question 267 pts

How does disruptive activity aid in meeting political goals? What is the difference in effective disruption when a target is an elected official versus the manager of a bureaucracy? Think of the example of the anti-austerity movement.


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